Glutamine Benefits

Glutamine Benefits for Bodybuilders - A Complete Account

Explore the key benefits of glutamine for bodybuilders: enhanced recovery, immune support, and muscle growth. A comprehensive guide for optimal performance.
pull day workouts

Ultimate Pull Day Workout For Muscle & Strength

Maximize muscle growth and strength with our ultimate pull day workout. Designed for peak performance and gains. Get ready to transform your physique today!
straight leg deadlift

A Complete Guide to Straight-Leg Deadlift & Alternatives

Discover the complete guide to perfecting straight-leg deadlifts and effective alternatives for building strength and sculpting your lower body.
Sissy Squats

The Ultimate Guide to doing “sissy” squats

Unlock the ultimate guide to mastering 'sissy' squats for stronger legs and improved stability. Learn proper form and variations for maximum results!
donkey kicks

The Ultimate Guide to Donkey Kicks & its Alternatives

Explore the ultimate guide to donkey kicks and their alternatives for a stronger, sculpted lower body. Enhance your workout routine today!
Quad Stretches

9 Quad Stretches for Flexibility & Soreness Relief

Discover 9 effective quad stretches to enhance flexibility and alleviate soreness. Improve your mobility with these simple yet powerful exercises!
best testosterone supplements

Unlocking Your Potential: The Best Testosterone Booster for Peak Performance

Explore MuscleTech's best testosterone booster to amplify your gym performance and health. Get ready to transform with our expert tips!
best testosterone boosters

Revitalize Your Life: Discover the Best Testosterone Booster for Males Over 40

Explore the best testosterone boosters for men over 40 and learn how to maintain optimal testosterone levels for health and fitness. 
what does creatine do for women

What Does Creatine Do for Women?

Explore creatine's perks for women and MuscleTech offerings to elevate your workouts and muscle gains.   
HIIT Workouts for Women

23 Best HIIT Workouts for Women – 5 to 50 minutes long!

Get fit with the 23 best HIIT workouts for women! Quick and effective routines from 5 to 50 minutes to suit your busy lifestyle and fitness goals.
Gym-Tested, Athlete-Approved: 11 Best Post-Workout Supplements to Transform Your Recovery

Gym-Tested, Athlete-Approved: 11 Best Post-Workout Supplements to Transform Your Recovery

Discover the top 11 post-workout supplements tailored for gym enthusiasts. Elevate your recovery, boost muscle growth, and achieve your fitness goals faster.  
Athletes after bulking season

The Bulking Season is Here! [5 Secrets to Make the Most of it]

Discover the secret to effective bulking with our guide. Learn 5 key strategies for muscle growth, including optimal diet, training variations, and MuscleTech supplement insights. 
BCAAs for Women

Beyond BCAAs for Women: Discover the Power of EAAs

BCAAs for women: Are they enough? Discover how Essential Amino Acids revolutionize women's fitness goals and nutritional needs.

BCAAs vs EAAs: How Full-Spectrum Essential Amino Acids Are Dampening the BCAA Craze

From muscle repair to overall wellness, EAAs have the edge. Read our comprehensive take on why EAAs are the best choice for serious fitness enthusiasts. 
HIIT Workouts

27 HIIT Workouts to Build Muscle & Melt Fat

Discover 27 unique HIIT workouts to build muscle and burn fat efficiently. Explore our guide for tailored routines and MuscleTech supplement tips. 
Getting in Shape at 40

Getting in Shape at 40: A Comprehensive Guide

Embark on a comprehensive fitness journey! Discover effective strategies, workouts, and lifestyle adjustments tailored for achieving top shape at 40 and beyond in this insightful guide.
Diet for Men Over 40

Diet for Men Over 40: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore a comprehensive guide to the ideal diet for men over 40! Discover tailored nutrition tips and insights to optimize health and well-being in this crucial life stage.
Building Muscle After 40

Building Muscle After 40: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock the secrets! Discover 10 essential tips for building muscle after 40, tailored to optimize workouts and achieve remarkable gains in strength and physique.
Abel Albonetti on pull down machine

How to Get a Thicker Back? - 3 Workouts for the Trick

If you disappear when you turn sideways, this program is for you!
eating clean bulking meal

Clean Bulking - How to Clean Bulk the Easy Way?

With beach season winding down, it’s time to think about building some mass again. Here’s how to pack on the muscle—but not the fat!
Abel with landmine

4 Landmine Exercises to Make Your Workouts Blow Up!

As coaches, we’re always looking for unique yet relevant ways to bridge the gap and ensure our athletes are doing exercises that apply to what they are training for.
Dubai Muscle Show

Team MuscleTech® Stars to be Featured at the 2023 Dubai Muscle Show

Blessing Awodibu and Lewis Breed will be on-site to meet fellow members of the international fitness community.
9 Best Workout Supplements for Beginners

9 Best Workout Supplements for Beginners

Discover the top 9 workout supplements perfect for beginners. Enhance your fitness journey with these trusted options to support your goals.
Weight Gain Supplements

10 Best Weight Gain Supplements

Unlock muscle growth with the Top 10 Healthy Weight Gain Supplements! Explore proteins, creatine, and more to build muscle and boost performance.
Bicep Blaster Workout

10 Exercises for the Perfect Bicep Blaster Workout

Unlock the secrets of bicep growth with these 10 lesser-known exercises for the ultimate bicep-blaster workout. Ignite your arm gains!
how to bring up lagging muscles

How to catch up lagging muscles?

The most important factor in bringing up a lagging body part is going to be your training.
bodybuilding myths


With all of the misconceptions that surround the fitness industry today, it’s tough for beginners to separate bodybuilding myths from the truth.
GI & Carbs

Low vs High - Glycemic Index & Load of Carbohydrates

Harness the power of the Glycemic Index to optimize your carbohydrate choices for improved energy, health, and overall well-being.
Crossfit Workouts


It's no secret that CrossFit is a rapidly growing movement across the globe; frankly, it's about time we discuss it.
How many reps and sets should you do

How many reps and sets should you do?

Achieving a lean muscular physique is not easy, but there are a few tricks that you can adopt to help you on your way. 
Why is spot training a myth

Why is spot training a myth?

Muscle groups activate all or nothing, leaving you unable to target a specific area. Have you heard this big misconception floating around the internet about resistance training? We're debunking th...
Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

Overnight Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a giant stack of pancakes for breakfast (or at any time of the day, really). The bonus with these ones? They’re packed with protein, so you ca...
Team MuscleTech at 2023 Olympia

Team MuscleTech® Stars to be Featured in 2023 Olympia® Weekend’s World Fitness Expo

The powerhouse sports nutrition brand will once again be a big part of bodybuilding’s biggest weekend, showcasing new innovations across its product line
mocha coffee Kickstarter

Mocha Coffee Kickstarter - Recipe & Benefits

Jumpstart your day with a mocha coffee Kickstarter. Discover the recipe, ingredients, and the energizing benefits of this delightful coffee variation.
post competition depression

Dealing with Post-Competition Depression as Bodybuilders

Navigating post-competition blues: Ron Harris explores strategies to handle post-competition depression. Focus on mental health, set new goals, and find balance.
Back Exercises with Dumbbells

Back Exercises with Dumbbells - The Ultimate Guide

Back exercises with dumbbells to turn your lats into thick slabs of beef
Abel performing overhead press

The Ultimate Push Day Workout for Muscle & Strength

Unleash your upper body strength with the ultimate push day workout. From bench presses to push-ups, this routine maximizes muscle gains and power.
Leg Day Warmup

An Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Leg Day Warmup

Quad stretches and warm-ups to keep injuries at bay so you can make sick leg gains!
Leg Workout with Dumbbells

A Complete Guide to a Leg Workout with Dumbbells

Sculpt powerful legs with our complete dumbbell workout guide. From squats to lunges, discover effective exercises for building strength and endurance.
protein powders

The Ultimate Guide to Protein Powders

Unlock the power of protein powders with our ultimate guide. Learn types, benefits, how to use them, and find the perfect fit for your fitness goals.
MuscleTech® Announces Partnership with Nick’s Strength and Power

MuscleTech® Announces Partnership with Nick’s Strength and Power

Multiyear partnership features integration around 2023 Olympia® Weekend on the most followed source for bodybuilding.
Pre-Workouts for Beginners

10 Best Pre-Workouts for Beginners

New to fitness? Explore the top 10 pre-workout options for beginners. Jumpstart your workouts with these safe and effective choices for sustained energy and focus.
protein and coffee

Protein Powder in Coffee: Good Idea, or a Fad?

Uncover the trend: Protein powder in coffee. Assess if it's a smart choice or just a passing fad. Discover the potential benefits and drawbacks in our analysis.
What Foods Contain Creatine

What Foods Contain Creatine? Full Guide

Boost your creatine intake naturally. Explore a comprehensive guide on foods rich in creatine, from red meat to fish, and optimize your athletic performance.
Cable lateral raise

Cable Lateral Raise: Benefits, Forms & Alternatives

Maximize shoulder gains with cable lateral raises. Learn proper form, benefits, and explore effective alternatives in our comprehensive guide.
Protein powder for athletes

The 7 Best Protein Powders for Athletes

Not all proteins are created equal. For athletes trying to find the most efficient source to power their performance, we’ve ranked the best proteins for size and strength gains.
Protein for Runners

The Importance of Protein for Runners

If you are a runner, you know protein intake is a hot topic. MuscleTech athlete Ryan Hall shares two stories on the very different outcomes of following contrasting methods of protein intake.
Proper Deadlift Form

Proper Deadlift Form: Body Threatening Mistakes to Avoid

The deadlift is one of the most fundamental exercises. It requires recruitment from the upper and lower back, hamstrings, glutes, and more.