how to train like a spartan

How to Train Like a Spartan?

I competed in my first Spartan race back in October of 2021. It was a 5k with 20 obstacles, and I was totally unprepared for it. Although I had a blast and competed pretty well, I was utterly sore after the race and even now, several months later, I still have a few spots on my body (left forearm and leg) that fatigue easier than they should while training due to minor injuries that occurred during that race.

By Michael Dean

As an athlete, I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to challenge my body. After competing in that first race, I was immediately compelled to sign up for another.

This time, though, a more challenging one. I’m gearing up to compete in the Spartan Super on March 19th in Atlanta, GA. The Spartan Super is a 10k with 25 obstacles and let me tell ya.. I am STOKED (and nervous…but mostly stoked).

This time around I’ll be preparing in advance for the race. I learned my lesson the hard way there. Over the next 8 weeks, I’ll be pushing my body to its limits in terms of strength and endurance in order to prepare myself not only to complete, but to complete with ease.

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Each week I’ll be training six days per week. On two of those six days, I’m going to undergo heavy resistance training on my legs. I’ll spend another two days running long distances and performing various recovery work (think ice baths and foam rolling.)

On the remaining two training days I’ll be doing hypertrophy workouts geared towards strengthening my upper body.

This training regimen will definitely push my body to the limit but will also prepare me to race with confidence and without any injuries – fingers crossed! Certain MuscleTech ® supplements will be key to my recovery over the next 8 weeks. Supplements such as Whey + MuscleBuilder Protein, Creatine, Glutamine, and their potent nighttime recovery formula Muscle Builder PM.

Each week I’ll be posting a workout on my YouTube channel (@MichaelDean2.0) and will also be sharing some of my favorite muscle recovery techniques.  Follow along with me there and wish me luck!

From MuscleTech Writing Desk

Here are a few workouts that you can opt for to train like a spartan. 

Every workout move here engages the entire body, emphasizing functional strength over mere looks—a principle mirrored by Twight's philosophy. Spartans prioritized fitness over appearance, crafting robust, lean athletes whose looks were a byproduct of their strength and training focus, not the goal.

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The Regimen to Train Like a Spartan 

You need to keep it simple, yet rigorous. Here is what we recommend. 

  • 25 reps of Pull-ups
  • 50 reps of Deadlift at 135lbs
  • 50 reps of Push-ups
  • 50 reps of Box jumps with a 24” box
  • 50 reps of Floor wipers at 135lbs
  • 50 reps of Kettlebell Clean and Press at 36lbs (with the kettlebell touching the floor in between reps)
  • 25 reps of Pull-ups 

If you can't get these many reps, divide the workout and do it in two phases. Or, do only half the reps recommend increasing the count till you are able to make it? Explaining the work out more. 

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1. Pull Ups

Pull-ups can indeed be challenging, especially considering the emphasis on lifting one's body weight and the need for good shoulder mobility. Starting with assisted variations or incorporating shoulder mobility exercises can help ease into mastering this demanding movement.

2. Deadlifts 

Deadlifts excel at building explosive power crucial for Spartan warriors. The classic stance—heels hip-width apart, toes slightly out—places the bar at midfoot. Focus on pushing down with the lower body, maintaining a straight back, and hinging at the hips. Lock hips and knees at the top for this foundational move, vital for crafting both Spartan strength and physique.

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3. Pull-Ups

Absolutely, nailing push-up form can be a challenge! Optimal hand placement is slightly wider than shoulder-width, while your feet should find a comfortable setup for stability—wider apart for more stability. It's a fantastic strength exercise when executed with proper form.

4. Box Jumps 

Box jumps are a key skill for warriors, enhancing speed and strength. Stand shoulder-width in front of a 24” box. Squat slightly, swing arms back, then leap at the top of the swing, landing softly on and off the box. Maintain a consistent quarter-squat position after each jump for fluid, efficient movement.

5. Floor Wipers 

This exercise engages multiple muscle groups—core, hip flexors, arms, and obliques. Maintaining control is key; pause if form falters. Floor wipers, part of Spartan training, sculpted their famed abs. Lie down, hold a barbell shoulder-width above your chest, raise legs to waist level, then lower left, center, right. Aim for 50 reps for Leonidas-like abs! 

6. Kettlebell Clean

Similar to the deadlift, this move is hardcore, blending upper and lower body strength like a true warrior. Aim for 25 sets per arm, benefiting your abs and overall strength. Use a dumbbell if needed.

Swing the kettlebell between your legs, then pull it up to your side like starting a lawnmower. Transition to a clean by lifting and racking it against your forearm and bicep. Press it up, lock, lower, and smoothly return to the rack position. Keep the kettlebell from going upside down; think of it like an uppercut motion to finish the clean. 50 reps? Intense—but becoming a Spartan isn't a walk in the park.

 7. Pull-ups

Back to pull-ups to cap off the set! Maintain top-notch form—this stage of the 300 workout might feel tough, but perseverance is key. Push through; warriors don’t give up on the battlefield or in training.

Over to You 

This Spartan-inspired regimen embodies strength, function, and resilience. Each exercise challenges the body as a whole, echoing Twight's principle of functional strength over mere appearance. The emphasis on compound movements, from pull-ups to deadlifts and box jumps, mirrors the Spartan philosophy of prioritizing fitness.

This isn't just a workout; it's a dedication to becoming a resilient, robust athlete. The inclusion of floor wipers and kettlebell cleans adds a hardcore edge, blending upper and lower body strength, a testament to the Spartan spirit. Perseverance through the demanding routine echoes the warrior's commitment—a journey toward functional strength and a disciplined mindset.

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