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Engineered to help you build muscle, gain strength and speed recovery, MASS-TECH® is a premium weight gainer that provides a nutrient-dense formula that’s absolutely delicious! Each serving packs 1,370 calories, 50 g of high-quality protein, 280 g of muscle-fueling carbohydrates, 5 g of HPLC-tested creatine monohydrate, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes to support absorption.


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Superior Gains in Muscle & Strength!

MASS-TECH® has become our #1 selling weight gain brand for good reason – it works! MASS-TECH® is supported by ingredient research from leading universities. With an unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge formulas based on the latest scientific findings, our Research & Development team takes great pride in providing innovative products that help get results and MASS-TECH is a shining example of this.  

  • Enhance Muscle Size

  • increase strength

  • Support Recovery

  • Clean Calories 

  • Winning Taste


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