If you’re like many people, you might be carrying around some unwanted weight. Luckily, it's always a good time to channel your determination to get your physique back and achieve your goal.


“If you’re like many people, you might be carrying around some unwanted weight. Luckily, it’s always a good time to channel your determination to get your physique back and achieve your goal. Fortunately for you, Team MuscleTech researchers have recently developed a new product to help you get back into the best shape of your life.

Some of the sharpest minds in the industry have come together to scour the scientific literature, as well as leverage longstanding and trusted partnerships with top-notch ingredient suppliers from around the world, ultimately leading to the development of Shatter Pre-Workout Ripped. This amazing product is scientifically formulated to help put you in the right frame of mind to be on your way to getting a chiselled and pumped physique. Besides getting your mind ready to train, it will also help you lose weight so you can reach your goal of a ripped physique. Of course, you’ve got to put in the time to work out, that goes without saying. However, with Shatter Pre-Workout Ripped in your corner, you’ll be stoked as ever with focus and energy to train and make your new year’s resolutions actually come true.

Shatter Pre-Workout Ripped is engineered to be very versatile. You can use it as a pre-workout to ignite your workout intensity. Just two scoops 30 minutes before your training will have you tearing it up in the gym or on the street. Alternatively, you can use it as a weight-loss product. It’s as easy as taking one scoop before your two largest meals of the day, along with a calorie-controlled diet and moderate exercise, and you’ll be on the right path to clinically validated weight-loss results.

Shatter Pre-Workout Ripped is the ultimate dual action hybrid juggernaut. Just make sure to read the label completely and follow the directions carefully, as always. Shatter Pre-Workout Ripped delivers, key ingredients to ignite your body with explosive energy and to support weight-loss. What’s more, it’s designed to increase mental focus, deliver an advanced neurosensory experience, and trigger an increase in calorie expenditure known as thermogenesis.


Each single scoop serving of Shatter Pre-Workout Ripped provides a 170mg dose of caffeine. Arguably one of the most studied ingredients in the history of sports nutrition and dietary supplementation, caffeine has been shown to have a wide array of benefits for those looking to improve physical and mental performance.1 We all know that caffeine gives you that perception of energy and mental focus that can help you intensify your workouts in the gym, but did you know that caffeine has also been scientifically shown to support temporary increases in metabolic rate and increase energy expenditure through a process known as thermogenesis? For example, in a double-blind study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers tested a placebo vs. escalating levels of caffeine at 100, 200, and 400 mg per serving, on energy expenditure, in 6 healthy normal weight men and women.

Interestingly, all the doses of caffeine significantly increased energy expenditure, and the researchers noted a dose dependent response. What is even more noteworthy is that even as little a dose as 100mg of caffeine caused a rise in energy expenditure that lasted for at least 3 hours.2 With its potent caffeine dose, not only will you feel that energy and  to train with greater intensity, thereby burning more calories by exercising, you’ll also be stoking your metabolic furnace with an increase in energy expenditure as your body becomes more thermogenic. You may even find yourself training longer as caffeine has been shown to support mental focus and endurance performance.1


Besides a clinically validated dose of caffeine, Shatter Pre-Workout Ripped delivers a cutting-edge repertoire of specially engineered Trademarked ingredients, which when combined with the energy-inducing effects of caffeine are included to help fine tune and deliver a unique neurosensory experience.

For example, the formula includes Zynamite® – a special mango leaf extract standardized to 60% of a unique polyphenol compound called mangiferin. Zynamite® is a patented, award-winning (Nutra-Ingredient Awards 2019) ingredient with a growing body of emerging research, suggesting it may synergize with caffeine and may even contribute to a unique sensory effect.3,4  What’s more, the formula also delivers NooGandha®, a university-research supported next generation ashwagandha extract developed to enhance specific withanolide compounds with bioactivities that can impact sensory benefits.5  

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To round off the formula’s sensory matrix, the MuscleTech research and development team also included the popular ingredients, grains of paradise extract, yohimbe extract, and huperzine. This combination of ingredients makes the perfect adjunct to the caffeine, helping the formula get you fired up to train like you’ve never trained before.

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