The Glute Equation:The Formula for an Awesome Backside

The Glute Equation:The Formula for an Awesome Backside

These days, looking through my feed on popular social media platforms, I don’t have to wait long before I see a person doing what they consider the “ultimate glute workout.”
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By MuscleTech Strength Coach John Porter Jr.

Although it’s awesome to see so many people working out, I see many programs for the glutes that don’t really give an individual what they really want: larger, rounder, yet proportionate glutes.

Some are using the wrong methods in order to get their glutes to grow. Some are relying on ineffective exercises. Some have even opted for surgical procedures (e.g., Brazilian butt lifts) to provide them with what they have longed for! Even though they may have the glutes they want, they still go back to the gym using glute workouts that don’t really work out. It’s my belief, after many attempts with my own Bikini clients, that I've figured out four fundamental movement patterns that every glute workout requires.

  1. Hip Hinge/Pull (Lower Glute) e.g., Romanian Deadlift
  2. Abduction (Upper Glute): e.g., Banded Lateral Walk)
  3. Lunge/Squat (Lower Glute): e.g., Bulgarian Split Squat
  4. Thrust/Bridge (Entire Glute): e.g., Kas Barbell Hip Thrust/Glute Bridge

With the proper nutrition, these movements have the potential to create the appropriate amount of mechanical and muscular tension that will accelerate your results.

Sample Glute Workout:

  1. Kas Barbell Hip Thrust: 4 sets × 10–12 reps
  2. One-and-a-Quarter Romanian Deadlift: 4 sets × 10–12 reps
  3. Glute-Focused Cable Step-Up: 3 sets × 12 left, 12 right


4a. Band Diagonal Kickback: 3 sets × 30 seconds each leg

4b. Single Leg Hamstring Curl: 3 sets × 10 left, 10 right

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