The Science Behind It: Iso Whey Clear

The Science Behind It: Iso Whey Clear

Iso Whey Clear is a powerful protein to fuel your training sessions paired with a light, crisp taste. Learn about the science behind it.
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We all know that when it comes to building stronger, chiselled muscles, or sculpting a physique worthy of the admiration of your peers, you’ll need to put in some quality time working out in the gym. You’ve got to hit the weights with herculean intensity to cause some muscle damage in order for your body to respond and adapt to your training. Indeed, you should look up and learn the latest training techniques recommended by experts to activate the maximum amount of musculature and stimulate that sought after muscle-building adaptive response to training.

However, even if you follow your training program to a T, all your hard work in the gym will be for very little, if you don’t fuel your muscles with the right building blocks to help them recover and grow stronger than before. That’s where a high-quality protein supplement, such as Iso Whey Clear, can fit in as your crucial tool in your arsenal of active sports nutrition supplements. If you’re serious about your training goals, you’ll need to supply your muscles after each workout and throughout the day as a matter of fact, with high quality protein to drive the muscle-building process known as anabolism. Team MuscleTech Research & Development have engineered Iso Whey Clear to feed your hungry muscles the building blocks they need to support optimal recovery and growth.


Unlike the early days of sports nutrition, today there’s a plethora of protein products being marketed as new and innovative offerings. If you search online, chances are you’ll see products ranging from seemingly unfathomable and unpalatable marine protein powders to sustainable plant-based protein, and even unappetizing, gut-wrenching insect protein, just to name a few. While your environmental conscience may feel at ease when trying these new and outwardly appearing sustainable sources of protein, and although there may be some merit to them, since all proteins provide amino acids, there currently is no definitive body of research to show that any of these esoteric protein sources supersede the muscle-building power of whey protein.  In fact, whey protein, which is derived from dairy milk, continues to be the tried-and-true king of proteins.

Indeed, whey protein has become a dietary staple for athletes around the world, and for good reason. Unlike most plant proteins (soy protein being a notable exception), whey protein is a complete protein source.  A complete protein is one that delivers all the essential, non-essential, and conditionally essential amino acids your body can use to support optimal muscle recovery from your workouts. Unlike many plant-based protein powders, or even collagen, which itself is missing the essential amino acid tryptophan, whey protein delivers the full complement of essential amino acids in proper amounts that can sustain your muscle-building goals.1

As a matter of fact, there are 9 amino acids that are considered essential because our bodies lack the ability to make them from the other amino acids we get from the protein we consume. Therefore, we must get these 9 essential amino acids from food or supplements. Fortunately for us, whey protein just so happens to be an excellent source of these vital amino acids. What’s more, of the 9 essential amino acids, whey is particularly rich in the branched chain amino acids, L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine. In fact, research shows that of the BCAAs, it is L-leucine that is responsible for turning on the muscle protein building machinery in your muscle cells via the mTOR pathway (mTOR stands for mechanistic target of rapamycin, which is just a fancy name for the key biological muscle-building switch).2,3  The high-quality whey protein in Iso-Whey Clear has an abundant supply of L-leucine, which means it’ll definitely ramp up activation of your muscle-building signalling pathways after each delicious serving, which is especially important, right after your workouts.4


The whey protein in Iso-Whey Clear provides one of the highest caliber sources of amino acids. That’s because, not only is it chock-full of essential amino acids, but it is also top ranking with one of the highest biological values (BV) of any protein source. BV is a measure of how well a protein is absorbed and assimilated into the body. As one of the most rapidly absorbed and easily assimilated proteins sources, whey protein tips the BV scale, with an outstanding score of 104.1 To put things into perspective, beef protein has been noted to have a BV score of about 80, while soy protein ranks 74.1


To make things just a little more complex, just as when you go to the gas station to refill your car, you’ll find various grades or octanes of fuel, you can also find various grades of whey protein out on the market today. These are generally categorized by the degree of purity of the protein owing to the amount of processing and refinement applied to the protein powder to enhance purity of the protein content.  This is accomplished by reducing the amounts of undesirable compounds such as lactose and fat, via special filtration systems. For practical purposes, just note that you can find whey protein concentrates, which generally supply up to 80% protein on a gram for gram basis of the raw material, before the inclusion of the flavoring systems or any other ingredients.

What’s amazing about Iso-Whey Clear is, rather than deliver a whey protein concentrate, this formula features a premium whey protein isolate as it’s sole protein source. This specialized whey protein isolate has been prepared via a specific micro- and ultra-filtration process to yield a protein that mixes instantly in liquids, ultimately yielding a final product with 0 grams of sugar and 1 gram or less of carbs, and minimal cholesterol.  With Iso-Whey Clear, it’s like buying the highest-octane fuel for your expensive sports car, only this time you are the one-of-a-kind exotic luxury sedan, and you demand the best muscle-building fuel!


To further enhance the effectiveness of the protein, Iso-Whey Clear contains a clinically studied dose of a specialized enzyme matrix called ProHydrolase®. This is a highly effective, scientifically engineered blend of protease enzymes designed to help your body quickly and efficiently break down protein into its bio-usable form, releasing a veritable deluge of amino acids, including EAA and BCAA into your body.  ProHydrolase® delivers a one-of-a-kind enzymatic matrix comprising a protease – carefully derived from a unique microbial source called Bacillus subtilis, as well as bromelain – painstakingly extracted from Ananas comosus, commonly known as pineapple.

This scientifically engineered dual-sourced complex is backed by real clinical research and shown to help maximize the key benefits of protein supplements by assisting the body to squeeze out every nutritional efficiency of your whey protein, through improved absorption of amino acids. Because ProHydrolase® helps break down protein into an easily-absorbed form, you can maximize amino acid uptake into your system and capitalize on the muscle-building and recovery power from every scoop of Iso-Whey Clear. In fact, in one independent clinical study, researchers showed that subjects who combined whey protein with ProHydrolase® experienced 20% better amino acid absorption compared to taking regular whey protein alone. To learn more about ProHydrolase®, click here: What is ProHydrolase® and how does it help you maximize protein absorption by 20%? | MuscleTech.

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