Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Start the new year on the right foot. Check out our strategies to stick to your new year's resolutions this year.
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It’s no secret that many of us go into the new year with high ambitions, only to fall off track, or give up on our resolutions, early into the year. 

Thanks to our busy schedules, especially during these tough times, adding new items to your daily routine can often be challenging. Big goals and aspirations can often seem too difficult and so, here are a few tips that have been proven to help those resolutions stick.  

1.     Picking Just One Resolution

Having a grocery list of things that you want to work on and improve can make achieving your New Year’s resolutions very frustrating. We can easily become overwhelmed as we find it hard to give each goal all your focus and time. Selecting one resolution allows you to target your focus on one objective. Establishing new behavioural patterns takes time, and so by focusing on one specific task, you increase your chances of following through.  

2.     Take Daily Action

A bigger end goal can very easily seem unattainable when you’re starting on Day 1. A great way to increase your chances of being successful is to simply break your goal down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. These small successes along the way will help keep your motivation and confidence high, all while helping you move step by step to your end goal. Whether it is 30-day milestones, or weekly, these short-term goals within your one-year objective can drastically increase your chances of success, and reduce any negative thoughts on your ability to accomplish your goals.

3.     Tell People / Get Support

When you tell your goals and resolutions to others, you automatically increase your accountability. Not only will your family and friends ask you how things are progressing, having this buddy and support system works fantastic when you encounter challenges and obstacles. Knowing that you have the support and encouragement of those around you can help you push yourself to success. Finding others with similar goals, and possibly joining a group, is also a great approach as you can help keep each other accountable and offer motivation and support. 

 4.     Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself during the process can go a long way. As mentioned, breaking down your one-year into monthly or weekly objectives is a great way to make the end goal seem more achievable. An item to add to that process that can have drastic impacts is rewards. Whether it is a fun date night out, some new clothes, or a weekend away, treating yourself for your successes can help keep you on track. When you plan out your weekly and monthly goals, give yourself some extra incentive by placing mini rewards at each milestone along the way. No one said your resolutions should be torturous!

 5.     Keep A Journal

One error many people make is not tracking their emotions, and setbacks, on their journey. This can be vital to your overall success. Setbacks and hurdles are some of the most common reasons as to why people give up on their New Year’s resolutions. The important thing to note is that setbacks are expected as no one is perfect, and challenges along the way are learning opportunities. When these occur, writing down how you feel, what caused it, and your state of mind, create awareness, and can help you deal with obstacles in the future.

Utilizing some of these tips above will help ensure you achieve your goals during the new year. Set a plan. Encourage yourself. Keep track of what you’re doing. And finally, reward yourself. 

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