How to Increase Your squat?

How to Increase Your squat?

There are many factors that you can adjust to improve your one-rep max back squat and an equal number of videos online with tips from various influencers. In lieu of them, one of the most interesting and simple potential solutions is the addition of the hip thrust to your workout program.

Yes, the hip thrust is beneficial for more than just booty gains – and there’s some research to back that up too. One of the most compelling studies was published in 2017 in the Journal of Sports Sciences.[1] In that study, 20 male collegiate baseball players with an average squat of around 188 pounds were split into two groups – one of which performed hip thrust training with increasing intensity alongside their regular baseball training while the other performed normal baseball training with no hip thrusts.

After 8 weeks, the hip thrust training group increased their one rep squat max by an average of 31%, while the group that did not only saw minor increases in squat strength. What’s particularly interesting is the hip thrust group’s adaptations were only seen in squat strength, vertical jump height, standing long jump distance, and 30-m sprint times did not improve.

If you’ve tried other methods are finding your squat strength has plateaued – add hip thrusts 3 times a week to your regimen!

[1] Kun-Han, L., Chih-Min, W., Yi-Ming, H., & Zong-Yan, C. (2017). Effects of hip thrust training on the strength and power performance in collegiate baseball players. Journal of Sports Science, 5, 178-184.

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