Hey MuscleTech! Why don’t you have a plant-based protein powder?

Hey MuscleTech! Why don’t you have a plant-based protein powder?

The simple answer is – a plant-based protein isn’t ready to be released as a MuscleTech protein because it’s just not good enough at building size and strength – yet.
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Let’s turn back the clock to 1998. Did you know that 3 years after conquering the sports nutrition industry, MuscleTech still did not have a whey protein? It seems crazy to think about it, but at the time, whey was a newer protein source and other brands rushed their own to the market by the truckload. The result was a saturated market with numerous “me too” products that quite frankly, lacked great flavor and didn’t deliver meaningful innovation or results.

Meanwhile behind the scenes, the very first MuscleTech R&D team was hard at work building off the incredible main ingredient – whey protein, but doing something with it that nobody had accomplished before. They were challenged to build a protein formula that was proven in a gold standard study to be better than regular whey. The solution was approached from many angles and in early 1999 they succeeded with a formula that built 70% more muscle than regular whey protein alone. That new protein lives on today as Nitro-Tech. Those other whey protein? Well, it’s safe to say that many of those obsolete brands failed to leave a lasting mark in the science of whey protein.

Fast forward to today and you will definitely see countless plant proteins on the market– but challenge yourself to put away your whey protein and build your best body or deliver your best performance on the field or court using one of the many plant products out there and you’ll likely hesitate. And there’s a good reason. Whey is the gold standard of proteins. Easily digested, high in leucine, EAAs and other incredible bioactive fractions. whey flat out works and tastes great. Plant protein supplements can be low in biological value or even incomplete from an amino acid standpoint – with lower levels of EAAs. Some don’t digest well, and others have beany flavors and grainy textures. That’s not good enough for  MuscleTech.

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For a product to own the MuscleTech logo – especially a new protein product, it needs to be the very best. Each formula needs to deliver results because the athletes that use our products demand just that. For us, a new plant protein will be scientifically backed and effective. You can trust that when we do have a plant protein formula to launch – we promise it will be the most powerful performance plant protein in the world.'

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