The Boogieman Unleashed!

EuphoriQ Boogieman Punch is not an ordinary pre-workout as IFBB Pro Blessing Awodibu discovered! Regular pre-workouts are great, but they still feature the same caffeine your grandma drinks in her tea. EuphoriQ is powered by the revolutionary energy ingredient, enfinity® Paraxanthine - the clean, smooth energy catalyst that evolves beyond caffeine and unleashes the Boogieman for intense workouts and super hero mind-muscle connection!


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Bring the Big Boogie Energy

EuphoriQ now features IFBB Pro Blessing Awodibu’s own signature flavor- Boogieman Punch! A modern legend, EuphoriQ is the first pre-workout to feature enfinity® Paraxanthine and is now available in a delicious tropical twist of exotic fruit flavors chosen by the Boogieman himself. Let loose your own Boogieman and bring that Big Boogie Energy to your next workout!

The Boogieman

Blessing Awodibu

Last Known Address:

Boca Raton, FL








Extreme size, superhuman strength


Euphoriq - Boogieman PUnch

Enhanced with the highly-evolved stimulant Enfinity®, Euphoriq Pre-workout unleashes extreme levels of clean, smooth energy that fuels the Boogieman's huge lifts in the gym and powers his relentless intensity. The Boogieman also benefits from the musclebuilding power of beta alanine and betaine contained within Euphoriq, while also experiencing skin-popping muscle pumps from L-citurlline and Noolvl™.

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