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Team MuscleTech® Welcomes the World’s #1 Ranked IFBB Bikini Competitor, Maureen Blanquisco

The reigning Olympia® Bikini champion is the newest pro to join the growing impressive team of Muscletech® endorsed athletes

New York, NEW YORK and Oakville, ONTARIO (February 16, 2023) — The MuscleTech® brand ( has officially announced a new multi-year partnership agreement with the 2022 Olympia® Bikini champion and current top-ranked bikini competitor in the world, Maureen Blanquisco. After weeks of suspense as to whom Blanquisco would sign with, fans of the Olympia champion first heard of the news through the Muscletech Instagram account on February 14.

Hailing originally from the Philippines, the 29-year-old won her IFBB Pro Card at the Olympia® Amateur contest in San Marino, Italy. She has since won six IFBB Pro contests around the world while making steady improvements to her physique. But her greatest victory took place this past December in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she became the 2022 Ms. Olympia® Bikini champion.

“Joining the longest standing supporter of bodybuilding, health and fitness is an honor and a privilege. MuscleTech® has consistently supported our industry, and I’m super happy to be signing with them as an Olympia® champion,” Blanquisco says. “You can follow me on Instagram® and TikTok®, where I’ll share with you the products I’m using to help build muscle in my preparation for upcoming events.” 

Blanquisco currently trains out of the Mecca, Gold’s Gym Venice, home to the best equipment in the industry for competitors and a motivational vibe that drives some of the world’s best athletes. With the help of MuscleTech® supplements added to her diet and training program, Blanquisco is aiming to win her first Arnold Classic® championship title after a second place finish in 2022. To do so, Blanquisco is using all-new Burn iQTM thermogenic, Amino Build® BCAAs, and Nitro-Tech® protein powder in her prep for the upcoming Arnold Classic®

With MuscleTech® being a major sponsor of the Arnold Sports Festival and the Arnold Classic®, Blanquisco will be making multiple appearances at the brand’s exhibit space (Booth #645) during the event, meeting and greeting fans while educating consumers about the MuscleTech® products she is currently using.

“Having an Olympia® champion like Maureen on our team represents the foundation of our brand and reinforces the effectiveness of MuscleTech® products with the best athletes in the world.” says Iovate’s Associate Director,f MuscleTech, Scott Welch. “MuscleTech® products are distributed in over 100 countries, and thousands of women in these same countries are competing in fitness competitions at all levels. We couldn’t be more honored to be fueling the world’s top-ranked bikini competitor with MuscleTech® supplements.”

Since October 1, 1995, MuscleTech® has fueled bodybuilders and other athletes who want to raise the bar, helping to optimize human performance. MuscleTech® supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients in the world, and the brand is dedicated to continuously researching, developing, patenting, producing and globally marketing the most effective sports supplements to help people achieve their personal fitness goals.

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