HIIT Workouts

27 HIIT Workouts to Build Muscle & Melt Fat

Discover 27 unique HIIT workouts to build muscle and burn fat efficiently. Explore our guide for tailored routines and MuscleTech supplement tips. 

Did you know that High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become one of the most favored workout styles globally?

Research show that HIIT not only boosts your metabolism but also significantly enhances muscle growth and fat loss, making it a go-to regimen for fitness enthusiasts.

HIIT is known for its efficiency in improving cardiorespiratory fitness, functional capacity, and especially its effectiveness in increasing fat metabolism and reducing visceral fat, irrespective of total body fat. 

In this guide, we'll take you through 27 diverse HIIT workouts designed for a range of fitness goals, whether you're aiming to build muscle or shed fat.

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Get ready to discover a variety of HIIT routines that can transform your approach to fitness and deliver real results. 

What is HIIT and What Makes it So Effective? 

High-Intensity Interval Training is an effective exercise strategy that blends brief, intense bursts of activity with intervals of rest or lower intensity. You give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.   

This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. Key benefits of HIIT include significant fat loss, enhanced metabolic rate post-exercise (known as the “afterburn effect”), and substantial improvements in overall health.

These benefits make HIIT a powerful tool for those looking to improve cardiovascular health, reduce blood sugar levels, and accelerate fat loss, even in a tight schedule. 

Its adaptability makes it suitable for a wide array of fitness levels and for incorporating different types of exercises. That includes sprinting and strength training. HIIT is not just for the experienced athlete; it also welcomes beginners since it offers an adjustable framework for any workout routine. 

Customizable Workouts for Every Fitness Level 

One of the standout features of HIIT is its adaptability to a wide range of fitness styles and levels. No matter if you're a fan of bodyweight workouts, strength training with equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells, or prefer intense cardio sessions, HIIT can be tailored to fit your preference and fitness level. Some examples are: 

  • Treadmill sprints for runners 
  • Kettlebell routines for strength enthusiasts 
  • Stationary bike sprints for cyclists 

This versatility not only makes HIIT highly effective but also injects variety and excitement into your exercise routine. 

Key Elements for Effective HIIT Workouts 

1. Intensity and Effort 

In High-Intensity Interval Training, intensity is key. Each burst of activity in a HIIT session is an opportunity to challenge yourself to the fullest. It's about reaching near-maximum effort.

When you push yourself to these limits, your heart rate skyrockets, which leads to an impressive calorie burn in less time. But it's not just about the effort you put in during these moments — it's the results that follow.

A high level of intensity during these intervals translates to more impactful outcomes from your workout. 

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2. Work-to-Rest Ratios 

In HIIT, the rhythm of exertion and rest is essential. It's about finding the right balance between intense work phases and recovery times. Think about it like this: a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio, where your rest is equal to or twice as long as your active phase, is great for boosting your aerobic fitness.

On the flip side, for anaerobic improvements like power, you might need longer breaks, up to five times the duration of your active bursts, to guarantee that each effort is at its peak.

Tailoring this ratio to suit your fitness aspirations, be it endurance or strength, can make your HIIT workouts more targeted and effective. 

3. Progressive Overload and Variation 

Stepping up your game over time is key (this is also called “progressive overload”). This means gradually ramping up your workout's intensity, length, or frequency to keep pushing your fitness boundaries.

It's this progressive challenge that helps you steer clear of hitting a workout plateau.  

Variety is the spice of HIIT life. Mixing in different exercises, switching up your intervals, and experimenting with various equipment can make a world of difference. This is also about keeping your workouts exciting. Imagine one day you're sprinting, and the next, you're swinging kettlebells.

Or maybe you're blending bodyweight exercises with strength-focused intervals. This mix-and-match approach makes sure that your HIIT routines stay both effective and exhilarating. 

27 High-Energy HIIT Workouts 

1. Dynamic Bodyweight Blast

high knees
    • Equipment Needed: None 
    • Routine: 
    • High Knees: Run in place, bringing your knees as high as possible with each step. (20 seconds) 
    • Jump Squats: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, perform a regular squat, then jump up explosively. (20 seconds) 
    • Rest: 10 seconds between exercises 
    • Benefits: Boosts cardiovascular endurance, engages multiple muscle groups 

    2. Dumbbell Power Circuit

    • Equipment Needed: Dumbbells 
    • Routine: 
    • Romanian Deadlift into Row: Hinge at the hips with dumbbells in hand, lower them towards the ground, then perform a row. (45 seconds) 
    • Kneeling Overhead Tricep Presses: Kneel with a dumbbell in each hand, press them overhead focusing on triceps. (45 seconds) 
    • Plank Drags into Pushup: In a plank position, drag a dumbbell across the floor, then perform a pushup. (45 seconds) 
    • Rest: 15 seconds between exercises 
    • Benefits: Enhances muscular endurance, targets full-body strength 

    3. Intense Interval Meltdown

    bodyweight exercise

      • Equipment Needed: Bodyweight 
      • Routine: 
      • Thrusters: Start in a squat position, holding your hands close to your chest, then thrust upward extending your arms overhead. (30 seconds) 
      • Pushups: Standard pushups focusing on chest, arms, and core. (30 seconds) 
      • Mountain Climbers: In a plank position, alternate bringing each knee towards your chest rapidly. (30 seconds) 
      • Rest: 10 seconds between exercises 
      • Benefits: Accelerates fat burning, improves overall athleticism 

      4. Speedy Core Crusher

        • Equipment Needed: Bodyweight 
        • Routine: 
        • V-Ups: Lie on your back and lift your legs and upper body at the same time, touching your toes at the top. (30 seconds) 
        • Russian Twists: Sit on the ground, lean back slightly, lift your feet, and twist your torso to tap the ground beside you with your hands. (30 seconds) 
        • Plank Jacks: In a plank position, jump your feet in and out like a horizontal jumping jack. (30 seconds) 
        • Rest: 10 seconds between exercises 
        • Benefits: Targets core strength and stability, enhances agility 

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        5. Kettlebell Cardio Kick

          • Equipment Needed: Kettlebell 
          • Routine: 
          • Kettlebell Swings: With a kettlebell, hinge at the hips and swing the kettlebell from between your knees to chest height. (40 seconds) 
          • Kettlebell Goblet Squats: Hold the kettlebell at your chest and perform deep squats. (40 seconds) 
          • One-Arm Kettlebell Rows: In a staggered stance, lean forward slightly and row the kettlebell with one arm, switch after 20 seconds. (40 seconds total) 
          • Rest: 20 seconds between exercises 
          • Benefits: Improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens various muscle groups 

          6. Agility Ladder Challenge

            • Equipment Needed: Agility ladder (or imaginary one) 
            • Routine: 
            • In-Out Quick Feet: Step in and out of each square of the ladder as quickly as possible. (30 seconds) 
            • Lateral Shuffles: Shuffle sideways through the ladder, touching in each box. (30 seconds) 
            • Hopscotch Jumps: Jump on one foot then two feet alternately through the ladder. (30 seconds) 
            • Rest: 15 seconds between exercises 
            • Benefits: Boosts speed, coordination, and lower body agility 

            7. Dynamic Dumbbell Drill

              • Equipment: A set of dumbbells 
              • Routine: 
              • Dumbbell Thrusters (45 seconds): Holding dumbbells at shoulder height, perform a squat, then press them overhead as you stand. 
              • Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (1 minute): Alternate snatching a dumbbell from the ground to above your head, switching arms each rep. 
              • Dumbbell Deadlifts (30 seconds): Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding dumbbells in front of thighs, hinge at hips to lower them towards the ground, then stand back up. 
              • Rest: 15 seconds after each exercise 
              • Benefits: This circuit focuses on full-body strength and endurance. 

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              8. Sprint Interval Challenge

                • Equipment: Running space or treadmill 
                • Routine: 
                • Sprint (20 seconds): Run at maximum effort. 
                • Walk (40 seconds): Slow down to a walking pace. 
                • Jog (1 minute): Maintain a steady, moderate-paced jog. 
                • Cycle: Repeat this sequence 4 times. 
                • Benefits: Enhances cardiovascular endurance, burns fat effectively. 

                9. Yoga-Pilates Fusion Flow

                  • Equipment: Yoga mat 
                  • Routine: 
                  • Pilates 100 (1 minute): Lie on your back, lift your legs, and pulse your arms up and down. 
                  • Warrior III Balance (30 seconds each side): From a standing position, extend one leg back and reach arms forward, forming a 'T' with your body. 
                  • Yoga Boat Pose (45 seconds): Sit and lift your legs, extending your arms parallel to the ground. 
                  • Rest: 20 seconds of deep breathing between poses 
                  • Benefits: Focuses on core strength, balance, and flexibility, combining the toning benefits of Pilates with the stretching benefits of yoga. 

                  10. Core-Centric Circuit

                    • Equipment: Exercise mat 
                    • Routine: 
                    • Plank with Shoulder Taps (30 seconds): In a plank position, alternate tapping each shoulder with the opposite hand. 
                    • Russian Twists (45 seconds): Sit on the ground, lean back slightly, and twist your torso side to side, touching the ground beside you. 
                    • Leg Raises (1 minute): Lie on your back and slowly raise and lower your straight legs without touching the floor. 
                    • Rest: 20 seconds after each exercise 
                    • Benefits: Targets the entire core region, enhancing stability and abdominal strength. 

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                    11. Agility Ladder Quickness

                      • Equipment: Agility ladder 
                      • Routine: 
                      • Lateral Shuffles (30 seconds): Move sideways through the ladder, touching in and out of each box. 
                      • In-Out Hops (45 seconds): Hop in and out of each ladder box with both feet. 
                      • Forward Zig-Zag Runs (1 minute): Run through the ladder, placing one foot in each box at a time, in a zig-zag pattern. 
                      • Rest: 15 seconds between exercises 
                      • Benefits: Improves coordination, footwork, and cardiovascular fitness. 

                      12. Strength & Stability Ball Blast

                        • Equipment: Stability ball 
                        • Routine: 
                        • Stability Ball Squats (1 minute): Place the ball between your lower back and a wall, squat while keeping the ball in place. 
                        • Stability Ball Push-Ups (30 seconds): With hands on the ball, perform push-ups, engaging the core for balance. 
                        • Stability Ball V-Pass (45 seconds): Lie on your back, pass the ball from your hands to your feet, and back, in a “V” shape. 
                        • Rest: 20 seconds after each exercise 
                        • Benefits: Focuses on building muscle strength with an added element of balance and core engagement. 

                        13. Jump Rope Jam

                          • Equipment: Jump rope 
                          • Routine: 
                          • Double Unders (30 seconds): Swing the rope quickly and perform a double jump for each rope rotation. 
                          • High-Speed Singles (1 minute): Regular jump rope but at a high speed for added intensity. 
                          • Criss-Cross Feet (45 seconds): Jump and cross your feet alternately with each rope swing. 
                          • Rest: 15 seconds after each set 
                          • Benefits: Enhances coordination, agility, and cardiovascular endurance. It's a fun way to mix up the traditional HIIT format with playful yet challenging rope maneuvers. 

                          14. Park Bench Blitz

                            • Equipment: Park bench 
                            • Routine: 
                            • Elevated Push-Ups (30 seconds): Place hands on the bench for an incline push-up, targeting the upper chest. 
                            • Step-Ups (45 seconds each leg): Step onto the bench with one leg, then switch. 
                            • Bench Dips (1 minute): Facing away from the bench, perform tricep dips using the bench edge. 
                            • Rest: 20 seconds between exercises 
                            • Benefits: Utilizes simple park equipment to target upper body and lower body muscles, offering a unique outdoor workout experience. 

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                            15. Resistance Band Rally

                              • Equipment: Resistance bands 
                              • Routine: 
                              • Band Pull-Aparts (1 minute): Hold the band with both hands in front of you and pull it apart, engaging the back muscles. 
                              • Squat to Overhead Press (30 seconds): Stand on the band, squat, then press the band overhead as you stand. 
                              • Banded Side Steps (45 seconds): Place the band around your legs, just above the knees, and step side to side. 
                              • Rest: 15 seconds after each exercise 
                              • Benefits: Adds resistance to traditional exercises, increasing muscle engagement and strength. Perfect for those who want to intensify their workout without heavy weights. 

                              16. Shadow Boxing Sprint

                                • Equipment: None, optional boxing gloves 
                                • Routine: 
                                • Rapid Jab-Cross Combo (30 seconds): Throw quick jab-cross punches in the air, focusing on speed and precision. 
                                • Duck and Weave Drills (1 minute): Simulate ducking under a punch and weaving side to side. 
                                • Power Uppercuts (45 seconds): Alternate throwing forceful uppercuts as if targeting an opponent's chin. 
                                • Rest: 15 seconds of light jogging in place between exercises 
                                • Benefits: Enhances cardiovascular endurance, agility, and upper body strength. This workout also sharpens reflexes and improves hand-eye coordination. 

                                17. Pilates HIIT Fusion

                                triangle pose

                                  • Equipment: Yoga mat 
                                  • Routine: 
                                  • Pilates Scissor Kicks (30 seconds): Lie on your back, lift your legs, and alternate kicking each leg up and down. 
                                  • Plank to Pike (45 seconds): Start in a plank position, then lift your hips high, forming an inverted "V." 
                                  • Dynamic Pilates Teaser (1 minute): Lie down, then smoothly roll up to touch your toes, engaging your core. 
                                  • Rest: Deep, controlled breathing for 20 seconds between exercises 
                                  • Benefits: Combines the core-strengthening and flexibility benefits of Pilates with the intensity of HIIT, focusing on core stability and muscular control. 

                                  18. Aquatic Agility Challenge

                                    • Equipment: Swimming pool 
                                    • Routine: 
                                    • Water Sprint (30 seconds): Run as fast as you can in the shallow end of the pool. 
                                    • Pool Edge Pull-Ups (45 seconds): Use the side of the pool to perform pull-ups, utilizing the water's resistance. 
                                    • Treading Intervals (1 minute): Alternate between high-intensity treading water and brief moments of rest. 
                                    • Rest: Float calmly for 20 seconds between exercises 
                                    • Benefits: Offers low-impact resistance training, excellent for joint health. The water adds a unique challenge to the exercises, enhancing muscle endurance and cardiovascular fitness. 

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                                    19. Urban Parkour Power

                                      • Equipment: Outdoor urban environment (benches, stairs, railings) 
                                      • Routine: 
                                      • Precision Jumps (45 seconds): Find a bench or low wall and practice jumping onto it with both feet landing at the same time. 
                                      • Rail Balancing (1 minute): Walk or run along a railing, focusing on balance and coordination. 
                                      • Stair Sprints (30 seconds): Sprint up a flight of stairs, then walk down carefully. 
                                      • Rest: Walk or light jog for 20 seconds between exercises. 
                                      • Benefits: Enhances agility, balance, and explosive power. This workout uses the urban landscape to create a challenging and engaging environment. 

                                      20. Circus Skills Circuit

                                        • Equipment: Juggling balls or similar objects 
                                        • Routine: 
                                        • Juggling (1 minute): Juggle balls or small objects, increasing speed as you become more comfortable. 
                                        • Clown Squat Jumps (30 seconds): Perform squat jumps with exaggerated, clown-like movements. 
                                        • Tightrope Walk (45 seconds): Use a line on the ground to simulate a tightrope walk, focusing on balance and core stability. 
                                        • Rest: Mime a wall climb for 15 seconds between exercises. 
                                        • Benefits: This whimsical workout boosts coordination, focus, and provides a full-body workout with an element of playful fun. 

                                        21. Dance Party Intervals

                                          • Equipment: Music playlist with upbeat songs 
                                          • Routine: 
                                          • Freestyle Dance (1 minute): Dance freely to a high-energy song, incorporating jumps and fast movements. 
                                          • Choreographed Chorus (30 seconds): Create a simple, repetitive dance routine for the chorus of a song. 
                                          • Disco Twists (45 seconds): Twist your body from side to side with disco-inspired arm movements. 
                                          • Rest: Groove at a slower pace for 20 seconds between exercises. 
                                          • Benefits: Encourages cardiovascular fitness and rhythm, while the joy of dancing boosts mental health. This workout is all about having fun and letting loose. 

                                          22. Beachside Blitz

                                            • Equipment: Beach setting (sand, water) 
                                            • Routine: 
                                            • Sand Sprints (30 seconds): Sprint on the soft sand for short bursts, challenging your lower body more than a regular sprint. 
                                            • Shoreline Skips (45 seconds): Skip along the water’s edge where the sand is firmer, focusing on high knees and light feet. 
                                            • Ocean Plunges (1 minute): Run into shallow water, dive in, and quickly get back to your feet, repeating the cycle. 
                                            • Rest: Walk along the beach for 20 seconds between exercises. 
                                            • Benefits: Offers a full-body workout with the natural resistance of sand and water, improving endurance and strength. 

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                                            23. Extreme Office Makeover

                                              • Equipment: Office furniture and space 
                                              • Routine: 
                                              • Desk Push-Ups (30 seconds): Place hands on a sturdy desk or table and perform push-ups. 
                                              • Chair Dips (45 seconds): Use a stable chair to perform tricep dips. 
                                              • File Folders Lateral Raises (1 minute): Hold heavy file folders or books in each hand, performing lateral raises. 
                                              • Rest: 15 seconds of stationary marching between exercises. 
                                              • Benefits: This workout transforms your office space into a gym, targeting upper body strength and muscular endurance. 

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                                              24. Mountain Trail Challenge

                                                • Equipment: Hiking trail or similar outdoor setting 
                                                • Routine: 
                                                • Hill Repeats (1 minute): Find a short, steep hill and sprint up, then walk down. 
                                                • Log Lunges (30 seconds): Perform lunges along a fallen log or straight line on the ground. 
                                                • Rock Step-Ups (45 seconds): Use a large rock or step to perform step-ups. 
                                                • Rest: Enjoy the scenery with a gentle walk for 20 seconds between exercises. 
                                                • Benefits: Enhances cardiovascular endurance, leg strength, and stability, with the added benefit of outdoor adventure. 

                                                25. Living Room Circuit Showdown

                                                  • Equipment: Couch, coffee table 
                                                  • Routine: 
                                                  • Sofa Squat Jumps (30 seconds): Stand in front of your couch and perform squat jumps, lightly touching the sofa each time you land. 
                                                  • Coffee Table Planks (1 minute): With your feet on the coffee table, hold a plank on the floor, engaging your core. 
                                                  • Cushion Crunches (45 seconds): Use a sofa cushion for added resistance during crunches. 
                                                  • Rest: March in place for 20 seconds between exercises. 
                                                  • Benefits: Utilizes everyday furniture to add a twist to traditional exercises, focusing on full-body engagement and core stability. 

                                                  26. Kitchen Calisthenics

                                                    • Equipment: Kitchen counter, kitchen chair 
                                                    • Routine: 
                                                    • Counter Push-Ups (45 seconds): Place hands on the kitchen counter for incline push-ups, targeting the upper chest and triceps. 
                                                    • Chair Leg Lifts (30 seconds): Sit on a chair and perform leg lifts, raising your legs parallel to the floor. 
                                                    • Pantry Pulls (1 minute): Open a pantry or cabinet door and use it for standing rows, pulling the door towards you while keeping your back straight. 
                                                    • Rest: Walk around the kitchen for 15 seconds between exercises. 
                                                    • Benefits: Strengthens upper body and core using kitchen furniture, perfect for quick sessions between daily chores. 

                                                    27. Staircase Stamina Booster

                                                      • Equipment: Any staircase 
                                                      • Routine: 
                                                      • Step-Up Drive (45 seconds): Alternate stepping up on the first stair with a knee drive, engaging the core. 
                                                      • Staircase Sprints (30 seconds): Sprint up the stairs and walk down carefully. 
                                                      • Side Step Shuffle (1 minute): Sidestep up and down the stairs, switching lead legs halfway through. 
                                                      • Rest: Stand at the bottom of the stairs for deep breathing, 20 seconds between exercises. 
                                                      • Benefits: Uses the staircase for a high-intensity cardio and lower body workout, boosting endurance and leg strength. 

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                                                      How To Make the Most Out of Your HIIT Results  

                                                      Pairing the right supplements with your workout can make a significant difference. MuscleTech products are designed to complement your HIIT routine, no matter if you need an energy boost or support for muscle recovery.  

                                                      For instance, incorporating a pre-workout supplement like MuscleTech's VaporX5™ can provide you with the explosive energy required for those high-intensity bursts. Post-workout, MuscleTech's Nitro-Tech protein powder can aid in muscle repair and recovery, which guarantees that you're ready for your next session. 

                                                      How To Personalize Your HIIT Journey 

                                                      Ready to start HIIT but not sure where to start? Here's the beauty of it: HIIT is like your fitness playlist - you can adjust it to suit your rhythm. If you're just stepping into the HIIT world, kick off with shorter bursts of effort and generous rest times. As you get the hang of it, up the ante with longer, more vigorous intervals. The key is to nudge your limits gently while making sure you don’t push yourself to overexertion.  

                                                      But here's the twist: HIIT loves company, especially from other workout styles. Sure, it's a champ at burning fat and boosting your heart health, but it's also important to invite strength training and rest days to your fitness party. This mix makes sure that you're not just chasing one goal but nurturing your overall health. Think of it as creating a well-rounded workout routine, one that keeps you fit, happy, and ever-ready for new challenges! 

                                                      Kickstart Your Fitness Transformation with HIIT and MuscleTech 

                                                      To truly embrace the potential of HIIT, set yourself a challenge. Start with a manageable goal, such as completing three HIIT workouts per week, and gradually increase the intensity and frequency. Document your journey to keep track of progress and stay motivated. 

                                                      Don’t forget to explore MuscleTech’s range of products, tailored to support every step of your fitness journey. Remember, every workout is a step closer to a stronger, healthier you. So why wait? Dive into the world of HIIT today and see where it takes you! 

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