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Pro Fitness Model

Lauren Abraham

  • Height: 5’3”
  • Weight: 112 lbs.
  • Hometown: Tacoma, WA
  • Residence: Santa Monica, CA
  • Date of Birth: March 17


As life can be compared to a book, many of us like to think that the choices we make write our story. Yet circumstance will oftentimes play author, dictating unforeseen and difficult realities that we must either rise to meet – or fall beneath. You may not currently be a fitness model or a peak performance athlete. And perhaps you were never a budding pro snowboarder at age 14. Nonetheless, you’ve probably lived a page out of Lauren Abraham’s life similar to what I’m about to describe – a page where everything seems perfect, where you’ve got it all figured out. That is, until life spins you around and throws you for a loop. All of a sudden you’re flying through space, out of control, not sure which way is up in the world. Sound familiar?

In the case of young Lauren Abraham, these disorienting circumstances are both figurative and literal. Odds are, this is where your story begins to differ from hers. Imagine yourself strapped to a snowboard launching from a huge tabletop jump. But something’s very wrong this time: you’re not going to stick your landing. Spiraling through the air, the hard earth below rushes to meet you. When you touch ground again, you feel both ankles break. Your nose shatters. Your ribs separate. Now kiss your blossoming career in extreme sports goodbye. The lifestyle you know and love is gone. Life will soon become one of reconstruction – from the ankles up. You’ll undergo 10 major surgeries in short order, spending two years, from 21 to 23 years old, as a snowboarding prodigy in a wheelchair.

This is (admittedly) the darkest chapter in Lauren’s otherwise sunny and uplifting tale. However, it’s instrumental in showing what makes Lauren Abraham such a vibrant and energetic personality in the fitness industry. She’s a testament to the fact that we’re stronger in the places we’re broken. Misfortunes forge brilliant and inspiring personalities willing to do what’s hardest – and prepare them to reap the rewards of incredible efforts.

Okay, so where’s the silver lining already? Ironically, it arrives one day while Lauren’s sitting sideline at a snowboard competition. She’s in a spiffy new wheelchair, watching others compete in the life she once sought to live. Suddenly, someone’s holding a microphone in her face. She starts to speak, eloquent with enthusiasm, passionate about what she sees and how she sees it. In this moment, Lauren Abraham’s life changes again, at the speed of the sound. Indeed, Lauren’s engaging onscreen presence and eloquence shone through during her sideline interview. Her voice and her verve for extreme sports landed her a job as international TV host and live event MC for her first show on Fox® Sports Net, Rush Hour™. Since this serendipitous day 10 years ago, she’s been a favorite host for ESPN®, FSN®, NBC® as well as a multitude of sport, health and fitness programs worldwide. Such prominent visibility coupled with her exotic beauty and athletic physique allowed Lauren to pursue a career of fitness and bikini modeling. A stunning blend of French, Spanish and Lebanese heritage, she presents one of the fitness industry’s most desirable figures. The ESPN® Body issue ranked her Top 10, and 80+ worldwide publications have celebrated her good looks.

A woman of great experience and insight, Lauren is most enthusiastic about instilling positive change in the lives of others. Her creative vision results from years of extreme sports, owning a dance company for seven years, and time well-spent across a range of television programs. As a world-renowned fitness expert, she’s a specialist in bikini bod maintenance, anti-aging nutrition and yoga.

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She’s creator and host of Beyond Fit with Lauren Abraham on OWN®, and also host of the science channel’s new TV show Adrenaline Explorer, both airing on Science Channel® this winter of 2016. This is the real Lauren Abraham: the quiet warrior leading by example, manifesting courage and determination all around her that anything is possible. This is about a passion for healing and believing you can turn all dreams into your reality. She has the truest zest and appreciation for life.

She’s a driven woman, intent upon writing her own wild and willful story. That exterior vitality she radiates is no spray-on, glamor image. It comes from the lifetime of passion and dedication to health and fitness rooted within her core. The story of Lauren Abraham confirms that even if you fall, and fall hard, it’s no matter. Just so long as you get back up, you’ll accomplish incredible things and inspire others in doing so. Just keep on writing the book. Whether it’s time to head off to that a.m. workout or finish out that last set, Lauren offers three simple statements to live and to train by: “Be free, be fearless, be you!”


  • Host and Creator of “Beyond Fit” on OWN® – 2016
  • Host and Director of “Adrenaline Explorer” on Science Channel® – 2016
  • Published in over 80 magazines worldwide – everlasting
  • Executive Producer & Director at Fitplan™ App – present
  •® Athlete – present
  • Workout Empire Clothing Leading Athlete – present
  • Professional Snowboarder – 2003
  • Sponsored Surfer & Stand Up Paddle Surfer -present
  • Certified Yogi – 2013
  • Monster Energy® Supercross Tour Host – 2013
  • Destination WildTM (Full Season Series) Host/VO/Script Writer Fox Sports Net – 2007
  • Shred Cafe (Full Season Series) Host/Script Writer Spike TV – 2007
  • Rush Hour (3 Years of Full Season Series) Host/VO Fox® Sports Net – 2006
  • Winter X Games® (Live) Host ESPN – 2009
  • Best Damn Sports Show Period Host Fox® Sports Net – 2007

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Lauren’s diet consists of mainly of organic salads and lots of greens, wild seafood and grass-fed proteins, dark chocolate when needing a sweet tooth fix, and green juices in the morning with a protein shake made with almond milk. She also loves a good grass-fed burger and indulges in a nice red wine here and there.



Lauren trains glutes, shoulders and abs three days a week in the gym. She also does yoga at least three days a week. Lauren does cardio outdoors at the Santa Monica stairs. During the winter, you’ll find Lauren snowboarding and skiing, and her summers are spent surfing or stand-up paddle surfing every day there are waves in the ocean, usually at least four days a week.