Take Advantage Of Cooler Weather – Outdoor Workout Ideas

Reap the physical and mental benefits of outdoor exercise this season. Out of inspiration? Check out these ideas for your next outdoor workout.
MuscleTech Staff
MuscleTech Staff
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Working out outside has both fantastic physical and mental benefits. We get away from living life behind a computer screen. There’s fresh air to enjoy. Opportunities to get Vitamin D the natural way (sunshine!). 

With the weather starting to cool as we head into winter, it’s important to look at these positives when it comes to taking your workouts outside. While it may be colder, using the foliage, a glass of warm apple cider, or the allure of Thanksgiving dinner is a motivator to stay in shape is certainly welcome.

One of the best things about training outdoors is that it’s free and accessible for everyone. A big deterrent stopping people from engaging in regular exercise at their local gym is cost. Thankfully, training outdoors with only a few simple pieces of equipment can help keep your overall costs low, and ensure you are getting in a great workout to push you towards your goals. 

Time is another popular deterrent when it comes to people not making it to the gym. We all lead very busy lives while trying to juggle a work and life balance, with exercise often being pushed to the back burners. Through using the landscapes just outside of our doors, we can still get in a fantastic workout, all while avoiding the traffic and travel times that come with going to a gym. This allows you to get in an efficient workout during those small breaks in your day. 

All it takes is a little creativity by using the benches, hills, trees, tracks, and simple equipment to get in a great workout all while enjoying some fresh air.

Need Some Ideas?

While getting outside to workout is fantastic, it will take a little creativity to start putting together some workouts that suit you and your goals. Here are a few exercises to try using some simple items that can be found outside.

Body Weight

1.     Squats/ Jump Squats/ Sumo Squats

2.     Push-ups

3.     Burpees

4.     Crunches/ Plank

5.     Mountain Climbers

6.     Sprints/ Hiking

7.     Side Shuffle

Park Bench

1.     Seated Squats/ Jump Squats/ Split Squat

2.     Bench Dips

3.     Bench Step Ups/ Side Steps

4.     Bench Push-ups

Light Equipment

1.     TRX (attach to tree)

2.     Cycling

3.     Exercise bands

4.     Light set of dumbbells for circuit training

5.     Jump rope

As you can see the possibilities are endless! To maximize your time efficiency, it is great to combine a few of your favorite exercises into a full body circuit. Not only will you be ensuring that you are progressing towards your goals, but you’ll also be allowing yourself a much-needed mental break from the stresses of work to increase your mental health as well.