Raza is our product expert and knows everything there is to know about our industry. We asked you guys to hit him with whatever questions were on your mind, and he answered them! Check out the video for more.

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Video Transcript:

[Raza] For your reference, we’ve included a full transcript of the video below!


Hi everyone! It’s Raza Bashir from MuscleTech product development. We realize we’re in a time of uncharted waters. A lot of people are in isolation. They don’t have access to a gym. And you’ve got many questions about your overall wellness and fitness. So what we’d like to do during this time is help address some of those common questions. And the first that we’re seeing a lot of is: “Should we alter our diets due to home workouts?”. So, it depends on your activity level. Like many of us right now, we’re not quite as active. And if that’s the case, what I would do is I would lower your calories to some degree, but maintain or elevate your protein to help preserve some of that muscle. The other thing is if you’re reaching for comfort foods and those freezer foods right now, then it is time to change your diet and start planning again — watch your protein intake.

The next question: “While gyms are closed, should I be taking the same amount of protein as usual?” So, it’s an interesting question. The rule of thumb is you should always be consuming for an active person, 1.4 to 2 grams per kilo body weight of protein in a day. And the latest research shows that, over a meal, ideally 0.4 grams per kilo body weight—and ideally over four meals in a day. So that works out, you know, in terms of an absolute dose you’re looking at about for the average person, 20 to 40 grams of protein in a sitting. I tend to recommend skewing to the higher end right now. Uh, you know, your body and in terms of muscle is always in a state of protein building and preventing protein loss. And when you tip that in favor of protein building, you put on muscle and you can reduce protein breakdown. So that’s the importance of that right now.

The next question is: “how do you protect your gains and what are some of the ingredients and products that can help muscle and strength?”. So, right now is a great time to be looking for a high quality protein like whey protein, which has all the essential amino acids. High-end leucine and creatine. Creatine is the most studied sports nutrition ingredient for enhancing muscle strength and overall recovery. If you want to try something different, I’d recommend HMB Free acid. It’s the most ideal form of HMB and absolutely phenomenal when it comes to muscle strength, recovery and overall performance. And right now it’s at a state where there’s more than 10 research studies and it also helps with preventing protein breakdown. So that’s all for now. Uh, I want everyone to stay safe, plan, be patient, because things are going to get better and we’re hearing now help you navigate along the way.



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