Jacked Back Workout

For most lifters, the bench press is the one exercise they can’t live without – and as such, skipping International Chest Day is never a problem. We’ve all seen the guys that skip leg day – they’re a dime a dozen. But take a look around your gym – how many lifters are busting out the heavy rows? For many, back day has become a few pulldowns on the lat machine just to check off they’ve done it. The sad truth is skipping or phoning it in on back day won’t just leave you with a lack of overall size, it can also directly affect your performance and lead to muscle imbalances as muscles used for pressing become dominant.

This is why, when building a thick and wide, shadow-casting back, you need to lift from all sides. This routine has all the usual suspects: chins, pulldowns and deadlifts – however, we’ve added a “few” rows in for good measure to keep your upper body balanced. Here’s the workout:

Exercise Sets Reps
Barbell rows 5 8-10
Bodyweight chin-ups 1 30
Deadlifts 5 8-10
Close-grip pulldowns 4 8-10
One-arm dumbbell rows 3 10-12
Close-grip seated rows 3 10
Wide-grip seated rows 3 10

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