Burn More Fat During Your Weight Workout

Check out our three tips to burn more fat during your weight workout.
MuscleTech Staff
MuscleTech Staff
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If your primary goal during your weight workout is to burn more fat (as opposed to maximizing muscle size), try these three tips.

1. Skip Single-Joint Exercises.

Movements that require two or more sets of joints are far superior for engaging more muscle mass, thus burn far more calories – especially if they’re done standing. Opt for free weights over machines when possible.

2. Don’t Think High-Rep Sets Are Superior Because You Can Do More Reps.

Using lighter loads may mean more total repetitions, but don’t mistake that for achieving better results. Lighter loads don’t stimulate the muscle to grow or even maintain its size, which is important for maintaining a higher metabolism. Plus, if you keep your reps between 8 and 12, you’ll get the huge advantage of EPOC – a process that burns a very significant number of calories over the next 24 hours, as your body expends energy to reach equilibrium again.

3. Don’t Sit on the Bench Between Sets.

Maintain an elevated heart rate (and burn more calories by including movement during your rest interval, especially if you choose an activity that doesn’t adversely affect the recovery of the muscle group that you’re training. Think push-ups between sets for legs). That’s the idea behind density training: you add in work during your between-set recovery time without having to extend the length of your training session.