Have you been in a gym slump?

The gym is never easy, even for regulars. Whether you’ve never been to the gym or you’ve hit a plateau, we’re here to give you a little boost and get you fired up for your workout.

We asked our MuscleTech® ambassadors for their best gym advice and they delivered. Keep reading for some serious motivation.

Kayla Carreiro, Fitness Coach

“The best advice that I could give someone is to go into the gym with a PLAN! Write out which exercises you’re going to do in the order you want to do them and the sets/reps you’ll challenge yourself to complete! Having a plan of action before getting there will keep you focused and help you avoid wandering around the gym trying to decide on what to do next. If you get to an exercise where the machine is taken, move on to the next exercise and come back to it. Put some headphones on, avoid playing with your phone and stay hydrated!”

Jimmy Everett, Fitness Coach

“Just be yourself and be the best version of you. I’ve seen too many people compare themselves to others and forget to be happy with themselves. This really helped me.”

Mckenna Wood, Model

“The best advice that I could give someone in the gym is to stay consistent, and that includes in the kitchen as well! Providing your body with the right nutrients is key to leaning down, gaining muscle and increasing your overall health. It’s also important to keep your core engaged and focus in on the muscles you are targeting with each rep. Mind-muscle connection is imperative in gaining muscle. I recommend changing up your workouts, whether it be the number of reps or sets, the weight you use or changing up your routine altogether, so that your body doesn’t get too comfortable and plateau. To see continuous progress means to push yourself past your comfort zone.”

Shawn Russell, Personal Trainer

“You don’t have to be the strongest person in the gym to be the hardest working.”

Emery “Joc” Bernard, Personal Trainer

“The best advice that I would give to someone in the gym would be that  ‘consistency will get you to your goals, so create habits that will allow you to remain consistent.’”

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