10 ways to Beat Cabin Fever

Is being house-bound got you down? Here are 10 ways to keep you so busy you won’t even know what time it is.
MuscleTech Staff
MuscleTech Staff
Man working out at home

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Listening to podcast


Start your day with an outdoor workout. This will spark your energy to tackle the rest of the list. End the day with a living room workout to wind down and clear the cobwebs.

Discover Podcasts

Comedians, athletes, business leaders – there’s no shortage of experts to listen to for entertainment or life lessons.

Barbecue grill

Virtual Guy’s Night

Trade poker night for board games via video conferencing.

Fire Up the Grill

Barbecue season starts early this year!

Indoor projects

One Indoor Project

Usually, projects like this are reserved for early winter, but there’s never been a better time to build a home gym in the basement.

One Outdoor Project

Dude, if you’ve still got your Christmas lights up, there’s no excuse now.

Texting family

Become a Marinade Expert

Refer to No. 6.

Check on Loved Ones

It’s a crazy time for everyone. Your grandma would love a call from you!

Man relaxing

Enjoy Cheat Day

If you’re working out twice a day and doing indoor and outdoor projects, you’ve earned it!

Practice the Art of Doing Nothing

Judgement-free zone here, guys. Consider this your free pass to lay on the couch as long as you like.