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muscletech woman pull up

Master Your Bodyweight!

Bodyweight exercises can be extremely tough, and as such, some believe that you should master your bodyweight as thoroughly as you master the iron. And yet, most lifters neglect bodyweight exercises as they become stronger and more advanced, even though bodyweight training has a host of benefits that can actually make you a better athlete.

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muscletech muscular calves

Grow Your Calves into Cows!

Nobody wants to have the legs of a small seagull, but quite frankly, there are too many lifters cruising around with decent physiques until you look below their knees. You probably even know a few who have some muscle, but suspiciously are never seen wearing shorts!

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muscletech chest dip

The 30 Minute Chest Workout

Not all of us have the luxury of time on our hands to train as effectively as we need to in order to gain the size or muscle mass desired. With that in mind, build the ultimate 30-minute chest workout.

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muscletech train like an olympian 1

Train Like An Elite Athlete

Learn about the training routine of an elite athlete and how they properly fuel their body. MuscleTech athlete Ellie Black shares her weekly training schedule, go-to protein shake recipe, and more.

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