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muscletech max squat

Hey MuscleTech! How can I get a bigger max squat?

There are many factors that you can adjust to improve your one-rep max back squat and an equal number of videos online with tips from various influencers. In lieu of them, one of the most interesting and simple potential solutions is the addition of the hip thrust to your workout program.

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muscletech running beach

Summer Beach-Body Muscle Program

As the nicer weather approaches, the beach and pool party invitations will start coming in. This is the perfect opportunity to show off all your hard work and be proud of what you’ve accomplished during the winter and spring!

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muscletech lean for summer

5 Science-Backed Ways to Lean Out for Summer

We’re approaching that time of year when layers of clothing start to come off, you take inventory of what’s underneath—and the weeks left until summer—only to realize there is urgent work to be done. Help is here. We’ve got a science-backed system for max fat loss in eight weeks, just in time for summer.

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