Leg Exercises

Tips To Maximizing Muscle Building

When you lift to optimize strength, you do in fact get bigger, but the methods won’t maximally increase muscle size. Instead, you’ll want to use a slightly different approach — one that requires you to choose a weight which you can instead lift for 8 to 12 reps. Still, you must meet these two conditions.

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Powerful Tips For Power Training

Power training isn’t as simple as following a given workout because it includes many elements and many different types of exercises. You should choose exercises that match your goals. Start off modestly and increase volume and difficulty over time. In fact, such workouts can remain an integral part of your training throughout the year.

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Legs Not Growing? Time to Make a Change!

If you’re a student of bodybuilding, you know that the concept of not just overload, but progressive overload, is critical to long-term success. That is, it isn’t enough to increase the demands on your muscle fibers. As they adapt by growing bigger and stronger, you have to continue increasing the demands made on them.

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