Train Like Henry Cavill: Speed, Strength and Performance Workout

To help him come back from a hamstring tear earlier this year stronger and faster than he’s ever been, MuscleTech’s Chief Creative Director turned to physiotherapist Freddie Murray of London clinic Remedy, whose resumé includes elite athletes from a wide array of professional sports – plus Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

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Henry Cavill’s Supplement Stack

This is the MuscleTech supplement stack that Cavill takes every day to, in his own words, “make sure I’m alive and well and everything is running smoothly and I’m taking full advantage of my workouts”. Because if there’s one thing Cavill’s not, it’s someone who does things by halves.

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Strong Mind, Strong Body. Henry Cavill’s Secret to Overcoming Physical and Mental Roadblocks

When it comes to training there is nothing easier than making excuses for ourselves. We all do it. I’ve been doing it of late too. For me it was being run down before Christmas, dealing with a hamstring tear over that holiday period, and now “have no time” because of work and physiotherapy taking up […]

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