Overcoming Gym Intimidation

The same way that fitness trackers are worn to quantify physical activity and exercise, Levels measures the impact of your diet and lifestyle on metabolic health by pairing continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology with intelligent software.

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Four Road Cycling Safety Tips

Safety is first and foremost when hitting the roads for a ride. City biking requires an extra level of concern as bikers share crowded roads with cars, trucks, trains, and pedestrians. Check out these following tips to stay safe when you cycle.

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The 10 Best Cities For Running

The beauty of running is that it requires little – a pair of shoes and an open road. However, there are definitely qualities that make an area more ideal for runners, such as temperate climate, access to trails, and a lively running community. These qualities, and then some, are what make the following ten cities some of the best metropolises for running around the world.

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