Counterfeit products
Faded Colors counterfeit

Faded Colors

MuscleTech® uses only the highest quality printed technology for all products.

Spelling Errors counterfeit

Spelling Errors/
Font is Not Consistent

Counterfeit products are usually not consistent with the fonts used in the MuscleTech® line. Visit our website for a quick label comparison.

Bottle shape counterfeit

Bottle Shape/Size

MuscleTech® products in the same category do not vary in shape or size. Visit our website for a quick bottle comparison.

Holographic Label counterfeit

Holographic Label

Look for the holographic bands in authentic MuscleTech® products.

Pricing counterfeit

Pricing is Too Good
to Be True

MuscleTech® products can be offered at a discount. However, if the price is TOO GOOD to be true, then it is most likely counterfeit.