Weight Loss

Hydroxycut SX-7
Black Onyx Max!

  • Scientifically studied weight loss1
  • Featuring folic acid, iron & biotin
  • Enhances thermogenesis, metabolism & mental focus2

Powerful Weight Loss & Energy for Women

A woman knows her body best! That’s why Hydroxycut® SX-7® Black Onyx™ Max! was made by women, for women! Its advanced formula was inspired by you – the active woman who deserves the best.

Each serving delivers the female-friendly nutrients you want, like folic acid and iron, plus it provides biotin and choline! And for real weight loss you can trust, Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx also features a scientifically tested weight loss driver!­


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Powerful weight Loss you Can Trust & More


C. canephora robusta


1 In one study, subjects taking the key weight loss ingredient in Hydroxycut® SX-7® Black Onyx™ Max! (C. canephora robusta) for 60 days lost an average of 10.95 lbs. versus the placebo group, which lost an average of 5.40 lbs. Both groups followed a low-calorie diet. In a separate 8-week study, subjects taking C. canephora robusta lost an average of 3.7 lbs. versus the placebo, which lost 1.25 lbs. Both groups followed a calorie-reduced diet and performed moderate exercise.


Caffeine anhydrous

Whether you’re in the gym, at work or just trying to tackle life’s daily goals, you’re always on the go.2 That’s why Hydroxycut® SX-7® Black Onyx™ Max! also provides caffeine anhydrous to ignite energy, enhance focus, boost your metabolism and enhance thermogenesis.



Sought after female-friendly ingredient.


Coleus forskohlii

An ancient subtropical herb supplying forskolin. It’s been used for years for its sensory effects when combined with caffeine.


Folic acid

Folic acid is one of the female-friendly B vitamins.


Yohimbe Extract

Yohimbe supplies both rauwolscine and yohimbe alkoids.

Also with hibiscus, satsuma, vitamin A, zinc and iron, making this a truly unique formula.

Packed with Female-Friendly Ingredients

Hydroxycut® SX-7® Black Onyx™ Max! combines powerful weight loss from C. canephora robusta with female-friendly vitamins and minerals, such as folic acid and iron!


Scientifically Researched Key Ingredient




More energy, Focus & performancE

Tested for Quality and Purity

To ensure a high standard of quality and purity, each batch of Hydroxycut® SX-7® Black Onyx™ Max! undergoes strict quality control and is third-party lab tested and verified to ensure that each bottle meets the highest standards of purity, quality and consistency.

Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx Max! Is Superior to the Competition

Servings Scientifically Tested
Weight Loss Driver
Sought-After Ingredients Fully Disclosed Formula
Hydroxycut® SX-7® Black Onyx® Max! 50 200mg
C. canephora robusta extract
Biotin, folic acid, zinc, Hibiscus sabdariffa flower, vitamin A, iron
Competitor 1 30 Vitamin D, niacin, vitamin B12

How to take Hydroxycut SX-7
Black Onyx Max

To assess your tolerance, refer to the chart below. Once your tolerance has been assessed, take 2 plasma caps 2 times daily, 30 to 60 minutes before your 2 largest meals (e.g., breakfast and lunch). Do not exceed 4 plasma caps in a 24-hour period. For best results, use for 60 days in combination with diet and training. Do not use for more than 8 weeks.

Day 1 to 3 – 1 capsule, 2x daily Day 4 & Beyond – 2 capsules, 2x daily



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