MuscleTech announces partnership with American figure skater Gracie Gold

The two-time U.S. national champion and 2014 Olympic bronze medalist will be involved in helping MuscleTech tell its “Strength Redefined” story
MuscleTech Staff
MuscleTech Staff
Gracie Gold

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The two-time U.S. national champion and 2014 Olympic bronze medalist will be involved in helping MuscleTech tell its “Strength Redefined” story

Oakville, ON and New York, NY (March 3, 2021) – MuscleTech, the internationally recognized sports nutrition brand that brings active nutrition and human potential together for a greater purpose, has announced a partnership with American figure skater Gracie Gold. As part of the agreement, the two-time U.S. national champion and 2014 Olympic bronze medalist will film content centered around Gold’s unprecedented and inspiring comeback to the sport after a three-year hiatus from competition from 2017-2020 and fueling her efforts to train for the 2021-22 season with protein (Nitro-Tech, Iso Whey Clear) and pre-workout (Shatter) products from MuscleTech.

Gold, who has battled depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder in a brutally competitive sport, will share her story of returning to the ice as part of the MuscleTech “Strength Redefined” campaign through video, social media and written content cultivated for She will also use her platform and partnership to further advocate for mental health awareness on behalf of a MuscleTech brand that has been long perceived for its emphasis on exterior physique for much of its two-decade history.

“We live in a world where what you see on the surface doesn’t necessarily translate into other areas of one’s life,” Gold said. “MuscleTech, as a brand, understands this. They get that strength is defined by what’s within us. What drives us.What helps us persevere as athletes and people.”

In 2014, Gold was an 18-year-old phenom who won her first national championship and a bronze medal at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Two years later, she took home a second U.S. title and finished first in the short program at that year’s World Championships in Boston. But behind the smiles and success was an athlete in pain, struggling with personal demons that would sideline her from the sport for three years, eventually returning to a standing ovation at the 2020 U.S. Championships.

Gold has now made it her mission to share her mental health battles with others in an effort to destigmatize mental illness. She has been open, honest, and real about her fight — willing to trade a perceived image of perfection for truth. As someone who has redefined what it means to be strong, Gold is an ideal partner for MuscleTech – the brand that is not just about personal bests, but about a better way for all of us. 

For more than twenty-five years, MuscleTech has fueled those who want to raise the bar, helping to optimize human performance. Whether you’re an elite athlete like Gracie Gold training to improve your strength, endurance, and power for the upcoming season, or simply someone who is trying to stay healthy, the brand’s innovative line of performance supplements meets the needs of everyone. 

MuscleTech supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients in the world and the brand is dedicated to continuously researching, developing, patenting, producing, and globally marketing the safest, most effective diet and sports supplements to assist people in achieving their personal fitness goals.