You can still stay healthy while you’re stuck inside. Check out Michael Dean’s Quarantine Smoothie!


3 oz. almond milk
2 handfuls spinach
1/2 frozen banana
2 tbsp. peanut butter
5g Platinum 100% Glutamine
1 scoop NITRO-TECH 100% Iso whey


400 calories
37g protein
18g fats
23g carbs

Video Transcript:

“My favorite kind of protein is going to be a whey isolate — a hydrolized whey isolate — so super clean.” — Michael Dean


[Michael Dean] For your reference, we’ve included a full transcript of the video below!


So firstly, um, I’m going to go ahead and add in some almond milk. We’ve got some unsweetened, original coconut and almond milk. I love coconut, so that’s probably about good. Um, I’d definitely recommend spinach as opposed to any other greens in here because you can’t really taste it and that’s a good way to get some of those vitamins. So boom, let’s go ahead and use the last of the bag. Here you go. So you can see it’s about two handfuls of spinach. So we got that. Um, I like to, we’re gonna use half a little banana. I like to go ahead and freeze this beforehand. It makes it super tasty. Let’s do about four pieces of ice. One, two, three and four. Man, I feel like a chef. All right, so we’re going to need some peanut butter. Either crunchy or smooth is fine. Obviously those your only two options, but I like crunchy myself. So boom, about two tablespoons worth of PB up in there.


Love me some peanut butter. So far. We got our almond milk, you got spinach, banana, ice, peanut butter. We’re almost done. Almost ready to blend a, and now we’re going to add one scoop of glutamine. So glutamine is an amino acid that helps with muscle recovery — big time. Especially for all you people doing all your home workouts. Cause what else are we going to do during this time? Um, I’m good to keep that energy up the recovery. So make sure you working out hard enough to use this boom. And then one final scoop of protein. So my favorite kind of protein is going to be a whey isolate, um, which is exactly what this, this is actually a hydrolized whey isolate—so super clean. Basically just the protein from whey protein. We’ve got chocolate flavor. So we’re going to do a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie. So go ahead and add that in there.


Boom. And now we are ready to blend so — get our top on there. Remember everything goes in here and you know what, let’s start a little bit of extra on the milk. Now that I’m looking at this, um, add as much almond milk as you want, depending on the texture that you want. I want to make sure that it mixes well. So we’re going to go ahead and get this lid on there. Boom, make sure it’s nice and tight. Go ahead and shake everything up a little bit away. It blends properly. Uh, and let’s test this guy out. Okay, so first time using the new PROMiXX blender and see how this goes. You just snap it on and it’s pretty quick to use


And voila. Smoothie — the breakfast of champions. Make sure that you’re nice and healthy after eating all your quarantine food!



And let’s give it a little taste test. The old taste test. Delicious. All right, thanks for watching my cooking show.


[End of Transcript]

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