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Kyle Glickman

  • Location: Rochester, NY
  • Height: 6’5″
  • Weight: 260 lbs.
  • Sport and Category: Performance Trainer and Hypertrophy/Strength Coach

Current Training Program

Specific programming is one of the most under looked aspects of hypertrophy training! If a strongman, powerlifter or pro athlete has a set program that utilizes different aspects of training to create the most progress possible, why shouldn’t someone who is specifically training for hypertrophy or growth, like a bodybuilder? The body adapts very quickly! You cannot perform drop sets every week for two years straight and expect to get the same results you got when you first started!
I currently am working on a program that is a periodization of different rep ranges and intensifiers (drops sets, supersets, forced reps, rest pauses, bands/chains, etc.) implemented throughout a 12 to 16 week training cycle. I do this in conjunction with including a tempo to every movement of the workout. I will utilize different counts through a movement to create a specific amount of time “worked” depending on what phase of the program I currently am working through. All of this complemented with set rest periods ranging from 40 seconds to 120 seconds, depending on specific exercises.
For example, say I am doing a squat, I will do 4 sets of 20 with a 4-second eccentric (down phase) 4 X 20 = 120 seconds of eccentric load per set! Then on my last set I’ll throw in drop sets but utilize that same tempo throughout the movement. Then I’ll rest for 40 seconds and do it again – the burn and pump will be unbelievable!
My split of training is based on where my current weaknesses are and what improvements I need to make! Currently I am doing a split with heavier back volume and less isolated shoulder work.
Day 1: Legs (quad focus)
Day 2: Light chest/triceps
Day 3: Heavy back/biceps
Day 4: OFF
Day 5: Legs (hamstring focus)
Day 6: Heavy chest/light shoulders
Day 7: Light back/biceps – all chest supported movements/minimal lower back calves and abs done every other day!
Again, this can change as I see different body parts progress. Where I will switch up the volume on other body parts to make sure central nervous system recovery is still optimal.My cardio consists of a mixture of steady-state set calorie burns and HIIT. I love HIIT training and I will utilize different work/rest ratios. My favorite exercise to do HIIT is prowler/sled sprints and battle ropes.

Current Diet

I eat for a set amount of macros each day based off what my calorie goal is! This calorie goal will change depending on if I have a photo shoot scheduled or if I want to get leaner!
Currently I am eating 380 g protein, 760-800carbs (rotating daily) 65 Fat.
I utilize a lot of whole foods but with training and working with clients all day, shakes are a great way to get calories in fast! I will utilize Muscle Tech Platinum 100% Iso Whey about 3 times a day, with cream of rice and a banana blended in a shake!

Favorite Quote

“I’ve never learned anything through any of my successes, it’s been all through stages of adversity and if you avoid that adversity, you’ll live in a life of mediocrity.”Dave Tate

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