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Fabian Petrina

  • Location: San Francisco/Las Vegas
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 215 lbs.
  • Sport and Category: WBFF Muscle Model

Current Training Program

Monday – Quads and Calves
Tuesday – Shoulders and Abs
Wednesday – Hams and Calves
Thursday – Back and Abs
Friday – Chest and Calves
Saturday – Lateral Delts and Arms
Sunday – Rest

Current Diet

Meal 1 – 450g egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 100g oats
Meal 2 – 350g lean ground beef, 70g cream of rice, 200g dark greens
Shake 1 – 50g MuscleTech® 100% Whey Gold blended with ice and 1/2 frozen banana
Shake 2 – 35g dextrose, MuscleTech® Platinum 100% Glutamine
Meal 3 – 350g chicken, 250g cooked white rice
Meal 4 – 350g chicken, 1 slice Ezekiel bread, 200g dark greens
Meal 5 – 400g steak, 1 slice Ezekiel bread, 300g dark greens


On his 13th birthday, Fabian was given a gym membership and hasn’t stopped lifting since. Fabian continued to train and pursue his goal: to step on a bodybuilding stage. The more he involved himself in the sport and the industry that surrounds it, the more this passion shaped him and his character into the person he is today.

Favorite Quote

“The best revenge is massive success.” – Frank Sinatra

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