Don’t Let Sore Joints Derail Your Workout

Don’t Let Sore Joints Derail Your Workout

Check out our favorite tips to avoid the dreaded post-workout muscle soreness.

Sore joints are an all-too-common by-product of longtime strength and bodybuilding-style training. But, they can be minimized with a few precautions.

1. Find alternatives for exercises that hurt. Barbells are typically less forgiving on the shoulders than other types of equipment.

2. Always use a smooth, controlled motion and never bounce out of the bottom of a rep.

3. Machines not set to your body type may aggravate sore joints.

4. Do a more extensive warm-up, including dynamic stretches like high kicks and marching knees to chest.

5. Avoid training to failure. Everyone struggles to hold form on that last rep.

6. Skip (or limit) the intensity-boosting techniques that require you to push past failure.

7. Stop short of locking out a joint.

8. Don’t boost training intensity too fast, meaning monitor your weight and volume increases week to week!

9. Don’t forget, the right supplements can make a big difference, too.

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