Counterfeit MuscleTech
Product Tips

Muscletech Supplements are sold through authorized retailers

So you can be sure you get exactly what you paid for: genuine MuscleTech®supplements.

For more than a decade, MuscleTech has been a brand name synonymous with premium-quality and top-of-the-line sports supplement products.

Consequently, purchasing products from unauthorized sellers at prices that are “too good to be true” may result in the consumption of counterfeit products which contain poor ingredients, are of a lower quality, and are likely untested products that could potentially be harmful to you.

MuscleTech supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients in the world.

In line with our corporate mission statement, we are dedicated to continuously researching, developing, patenting, producing, and globally marketing the most effective diet and sports supplements to assist you in achieving your personal fitness goals.

Counterfeit Nitro-Tech

MuscleTech is a trademark brand

  • Inspect the MuscleTech® supplement packaging carefully. Beware of flimsy packaging, packaging with substandard printing, running colors, or packages that appear to have been opened. In addition, take time to actually read the package.
  • Look for the ® or  symbol.
  • Watch for spelling and grammatical errors on packaging. Many counterfeit products are made in countries where English isn’t the first language. MuscleTech® takes extra care to avoid errors.
  • No UPC bar code. Look for the absence of a bar code on a MuscleTech® product, which allows store clerks to run the item through a scanner at checkout.

All MuscleTech supplements are sealed for safety and freshness

  • Don’t buy a product if the seal is broken, damaged or missing.
  • Look for a certification mark from “Current Good Manufacturing Practices”. If the mark is only on the packaging and not on the product label, it could be counterfeit.
  • Look out for deals that are too good to be true or risky sellers.
  • Keep in mind that not all fakes sell at lower prices than the genuine MuscleTech®supplements. MuscleTech® supplements don’t bundle their products with those of their competitors.
  • Beware of MuscleTech® supplements that seem flimsy or are obviously poorly made. Quality control is often absent in counterfeiting operations, so you may be able to spot a counterfeit simply based on its workmanship.

How can YOU Help?

All MuscleTech supplements are exclusively imported by Iovate Health Sciences International INC.

Look for the manufacturer contact information: webpage, phone number, and address at which consumers can contact us.

We strongly urge you to only buy from authorized MuscleTech Retailers.

So you can be sure you get exactly what you paid for – genuine MuscleTech® supplements. If you would like to report a suspected counterfeit MuscleTech® product, please send an email to Your assistance in preventing the distribution of counterfeit MuscleTech® products is appreciated.