5 High Intensity Training Secrets

Summer is here, and if your body still isn't beach ready then you need to shape up fast. Try these 5 High Intensity Training secrets for a fast summer shape up!

Remember to consult your doctor before starting any diet and exercise plan.

1. Adjust Your Training Split

If you have spent all winter using a traditional bodybuilding routine to pack on the mass, consider a new split. Circuit training and power/hypertrophy routines are excellent ways to hit your full body and maximize lean muscle gains while burning fat. Perform one to three sets and vary your rep ranges from as low as three to as high as 20 to shock your body and force new muscle growth.

2. Keep Your Workouts to Less than One Hour

In order to maximize the fat-burning potential of your workouts, keep them between 45 minutes and an hour and minimize rest time between sets. Keep your rest to between 30 seconds and a minute.

"Use a pre-workout product 30 to 45 minutes before your workout!"

3. Interval Cardio

Steady state cardio is a thing of the past. Maximize your time and give up your 45 minute low intensity cardio sessions and try interval cardio. Not only is interval cardio effective at preserving lean muscle and burning bodyfat but it is also great for your heart. Try this routine the next time you hit the treadmill.

Minutes Speed Incline
1 4.5 1
2 5.0 1
3 5.5 1
4 6 3
5 and 6 5.5 0
7 6.5 4
8 and 9 5.5 0
10 7 5

Remember to cool down for three to five minutes. Incorporate interval cardio into your routine two to three days per week. If you decide to do interval cardio on the same day as a weight workout, perform the cardio after you hit the weights.

4. Maximize Every Set

Don't let a set go to waste. In order to get the most out of every single set, incorporate advanced training techniques like drop sets, triples, partials, rest pause and negatives. This will ensure that when you're finished your workout you've left it all on the table and did everything you could to maximize muscle gain.

5. Keep a Training Log

In order to experience the full benefits of high intensity training you must try to increase the resistance used or the reps performed every workout. By challenging your muscles each workout you will force them to adapt to the imposed demands. By keeping a training log, you'll not only take the guesswork out of your workouts but you will be able to monitor your progress, allowing you to make adjustments as necessary.

By incorporating high intensity training into your workouts you'll not only be more productive in the gym but you'll spend less time working out and more time enjoying the results. Make the switch today!

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