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New Features

It's Never Too Late For Abs

5 things you need to start doing now to help you get shredded abs.
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Musclebuilding Meal Plan

Get a head start on your fitness goals this year with a comprehensive meal plan geared towards packing on rock-solid muscle.
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Up and Down the Rack For New Muscle Growth

Find out how to increase the intensity of your workouts with this training technique.
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Marc Megna's Football Training Program

Follow Marc Megna's football training program to help you get stronger, faster, and more powerful on the field.
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By the Numbers: Jon "Bones" Jones

Check out our latest infographic on Jon "Bones" Jones.
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Optimal Repetition Ranges for Maximal Muscle Growth

Achieving a lean muscular physique is not easy, but there are a few tricks that you can adopt to help you on your way.
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Top 5 Ab Myths Debunked

Discover the truth behind optimal abdominal training for improved performance in this 5-part series.
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Summer Beach-Body Muscle Program

Get ready for summer with this 6-week diet, supplement and training program.
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5 Steps To Plough Through Your Strength Plateau

Everybody at some point during their strength training regimen can hit a plateau. During this time, strength gains are minimal and the body is simply working to maintain base-level strength.
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Get Shredded This New Year

We're going to help you plan out your number one resolution this New Year's – Get shredded!
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Weight-Training Features

Supersize Your Delts

The shoulders are a very important component of the perfect physique. The right size and proportion can make you look wider, stronger, and your arms bigger.
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5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Your metabolism functions with a set of chemical reactions within your body that help you efficiently utilize the calories you consume. Not only is it responsible for regulating such...
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5 Key Exercises for a Chiseled Set of Rock-Hard Abs

Try these ab workouts to help yourself get those granite-carved abs you've always wanted!
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Conditioning – The Backbone of MMA Training

Learn a number of simple yet effective methods you can use to increase your conditioning in preparation for your next fight.
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Dominate Your Weight Class through Speed and Power

Find out which battle-tested weight-lifting movements to incorporate into your training to build the speed and power that you can use to dominate your competition!
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Cardio Features

Killer Cardio Workout

Satisfying your cardio requirements can be a tedious and boring task. But, the reality is, cardio remains an essential component of any workout program...
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CrossFit Workouts – The Hardcore Fitness Trend That'll Surprise You

CrossFit workouts entail an aggressive yet well-rounded pursuit of general, overall fitness in the ten recognized domains, as opposed to the bodybuilding ideology of pursuing...
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Interval Training

20 minutes of interval training is more effective at inducing fat loss than low intensity cardio. If you're tired of the long, boring walks on the treadmill and are looking for a way to burn more fat...
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Sprint Training for Ultimate Conditioning

Sprint training provides explosive power coupled with excellent conditioning and is utilized in a variety of sports including football, track and field and MMA.
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Supplementation Features

Benefits of L-carnitine

Studies have shown that L-carnitine is a powerful ingredient that can help aid the post-workout recovery process.
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Back to Supplement Basics: The Multiple Effects of Multivitamins

There are many benefits of multivitamins, and in any good multi is a combination of beneficial vitamins and minerals. A few of the most well-known vitamins that should be included...
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