• Subjects built 3.4 lbs. of muscle in 7 days!
  • Increase muscle size and strength
  • Maximize muscle creatine
  • Improved between-set recovery for greater muscle performance
  • Clinically proven key compounds


CELL-TECH Is The Ultimate Hardgainer Creatine Formula

Regular creatine was welcomed as the next generation of supplementation and was unleashed to help bodybuilders and other athletes get bigger than ever! For the most part, regular creatine delivers solid muscle size and strength gains. However, even as great as creatine is, there are clinically proven ways to make it better.

If you’ve been taking straight creatine monohydrate, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Researchers at MuscleTech® knew this and, after years of testing created CELL-TECH – a true third generation creatine formula that harnesses the anabolic power of insulin and is so powerful that it has not only stood the test of time, but has become legendary for its ability to pack on mass, size and strength like no other creatine formula before or since.









‡ Per max 2 scoops

Creatine + Training + Insulin = THE PERFECT ANABOLIC STORM

Years of study by top human performance researchers has confirmed that insulin is one of the body’s most powerful musclebuilding hormones. In fact, research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that insulin is so potent it could support protein synthesis in skeletal muscle1! Insulin is also very anti-catabolic and suppresses protein degradation and stimulates cellular hydration – causing water retention within the muscle cells that translates into greater protein synthesis.

Early creatine researchers also knew the power of insulin, and in some of the first research published in the American Journal of Physiology, it was discovered that taking creatine along with a high dose of simple carbohydrates could trigger as much as 60% better creatine storage in the muscles2. Researchers reporting on their findings confirmed that insulin was the key to pushing more creatine through muscle cell membranes.

The purpose of insulin in the body is to regulate blood glucose levels. When an elevation of blood glucose occurs, the beta cells of the pancreas secrete insulin into the portal vein (the “spike”). Ultimately, insulin works by triggering the movement of nutrients from the blood to the cells – fortifying your muscles with the ingredients they need to grow while at the same time normalizing your blood glucose levels.


Insulin needs to attach itself to receptors in order to have any effect. This is what determines how much of the glucose, amino acids and creatine in your blood are taken up by the cell transporters. In your muscle cells, there are two glucose transporters: GLUT-1 and GLUT-4. However, it’s the GLUT-4 receptors that are predominant in adult human muscles, and they play an important role.

GLUT-4 transporters migrate from the cytoplasm right to the cell surface in response to insulin and muscle contraction (lifting weights). Yes, training can actually increase the ability of your muscles to take in more nutrients because training increases the number of available receptors on the muscle membrane. The more available receptors there are, the more glucose, amino acids and creatine can be absorbed from the blood.

This, in essence, creates the perfect anabolic storm – an optimal environment where insulin-sensitive muscle cells are able to quickly utilize anabolic nutrients like creatine, amino acids and glucose – priming them for incredible strength and massive muscular growth!

Spiking Insulin To Drive GAINS

In order to maximize the absorption of creatine, insulin levels must be spiked. There’s no way around it. You need to have a high plasma glucose concentration and spiked serum insulin levels to drive maximum cellular creatine delivery.

Higher glycemic carbs create a more powerful insulin spike and can increase the number of GLUT-4 transporters to the surface of your muscle cells to a greater degree. Taking creatine with fewer or no carbs elicits no significant insulin spike and ultimately fails to achieve your goal of getting the most creatine into your muscles as possible.

The degree of insulin secretion is governed by the total amount of carbohydrates ingested and the glycemic index of the food consumed. MuscleTech researchers knew this when they began research on a third generation of creatine supplements. By harnessing the anabolic power of insulin and the muscle- and strength-building power of creatine, Team MuscleTech researchers engineered an absolute monster of a creatine supplement. One that hands-down is an uncontested breakthrough in creatine supplementation designed for nothing less than extreme musclebuilding!

The Most Powerful Creatine Formula

CELL-TECH is a scientifically engineered hardcore creatine formula that is patent-protected and contains core ingredients supported by numerous clinical trials. Each two-scoop serving of CELL-TECH delivers 7g of HPLC-certified creatine monohydrate and 3 grams of creatine HCl. This dose of creatine is far higher than most creatine products, and yet those creatine products don’t utilize a delivery system! Ask yourself, how much creatine from these untested formulas is actually making its way into your muscles?

CELL-TECH delivers a multistage combination of carbohydrates, including glucose polymers, dextrose, ModCarb™ (oat bran, quinoa, buckwheat, millet), waxy maize and highly branched cyclic dextrin totaling 75g per two scoops.  After each max serving of CELL-TECH, insulin levels rapidly peak in the bloodstream, priming muscles for maximum creatine hypersaturation and retention. This is the key to CELL-TECH’s unique ability to significantly increase insulin levels beyond what regular creatine supplements are capable of. The anabolic rush generated by this exclusive carb blend is engineered to force glucose, creatine and amino acids into the muscles at levels that are unmatched by any other creatine formula.

In fact, based on available published research, CELL-TECH is the fastest acting, most powerful advanced musclebuilding creatine formula ever developed, and once you see how dramatically and rapidly CELL-TECH can help transform your physique, you won’t want to consider using anything else!

CELLTECH Fruit Punch



Forces a Powerful Insulin Spike

CELL-TECH delivers a multistage combination of carbohydrates that forces a powerful insulin spike post-workout.


Increases Glut-4 Transporters for Creatine Uptake

The powerful carbohydrates in CELL-TECH trigger insulin output, enabling insulin to shuttle the massive 10g dose of creatine and other nutrients straight into the muscle.


With Added Alpha Lipoic Acid

CELL-TECH contains a full 200mg dose of alpha lipoic acid (ALA). Research suggests that ALA helps improve the absorption of creatine and glucose into the muscle cell through specialized transporters.


Increases Cell Volumization – Priming Muscles for Growth

Improved GLUT-4 availability and increased muscle cell sensitivity allows insulin to rapidly replenish creatine and glycogen stores, facilitating glycogen super-compensation and an intense muscle-expanding effect. CELL-TECH also contains free-form amino acids that aid in this dramatic cell volumization!

Clinically Proven – Faster Muscle Growth and More Strength

CELL-TECH is more than just a supplement that works in theory. It’s actually been put to the test in a clinical setting – further cementing its effectiveness! In fact, subjects who consumed the amount of creatine and carbohydrates supplied during the CELL-TECH loading stage gained, on average, 3.4 lbs.of muscle in 7 days. Subjects taking creatine with juice gained only 0.8 lbs.3.

In a second study performed at McMaster University, test subjects who used CELL-TECH for 8 weeks significantly increased their strength on the bench press by 17%, leg press by 29% and biceps curl by 28% respectively4.

Enhanced Nutrient Transport

Each serving of CELL-TECH includes 200mg of the powerful compound alpha lipoic acid (ALA). Research suggests that ALA helps improve the absorption of creatine and glucose into the muscle cell through specialized transporters. This powerful nutrient-partitioning agent significantly improves the insulin sensitivity of active insulin receptors on the cells’ surface for greater nutrient uptake and creatine saturation.

Branched-Chain and Cell-Volumizing Amino Acids

CELL-TECH also supplies the branched-chain amino acids L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine in a 2:1:1 ratio. Branched-chain amino acids are free-form amino acids – singular molecules that are quickly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. CELL-TECH also contains the amino acids taurine and alanine. These free-form amino acids are two of the most abundant amino acids in muscle and aid in cell volumization.

No Cycling

A clinical study revealed that the use of CELL-TECH did not lead to the down regulation of creatine transporters. This allows athletes to continue to benefit from creatine use, instead of cycling on and off5. This means you can use it all year long – just like protein.

1. Biolo et al., 1995. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 95:811-819.
2. Green et al., 1996. American Journal of Psychology. 271:E821-826.
3. Kalman et al., 2000. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 32(5):562(5136)[Abstract].
4. Tarnopolsky et al., 2001. Med Sci Sports Ecerc. 33(12):2044-52.
5. Parise et al., 2000. Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology. 25(5):396[Abstract].


Team MuscleTech ensures only the highest- quality, pure HPLC-tested creatine manufactured by one of the world’s largest producers of creatine is used for CELL-TECH. In fact, each batch of CELL-TECH undergoes strict quality control and is third-party tested and verified to ensure that each bottle of has the highest purity, quality and consistency.

The CELL-TECH Advantage

CELL-TECH Competitor What You Should Know
Creatine Per Serving 10g 750mg CELL-TECH contains 7g of creatine monohydrate and 3g of creatine HCI per full serving. The competitor has less than a gram!
Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg No CELL-TECH patented the use of the powerful compound alpha lipoic acid (ALA) combined with creatine, and supplies a full 200mg in each 2-scoop serving. No other creatine formula can supply this combination of ingredients.
BCAAs 2g No CELL-TECH supplies BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio to aid in post-workout recovery and protein synthesis.
Cell-Volumizing Aminos 3g No CELL-TECH has two of the most abundant cell-volumizing amino acids to further aid in muscle cell size and volumization.
Patents 6 No CELL-TECH is protected by multiple patents
• 5,968,000
• 6,136,339
• 6,620,425
• 5,767,159
• 5,968,544
• 6,326,513
This is more than most other supplement brands have on their entire line combined.


  • "Not only thirst quenching but it replenishes my muscles too, and tastes great! Cell-tech is a great addition if you're a hard gainer like me!"

    Jenna Renee Webb
    Jenna Renee Webb Pro Fitness Model
  • "My favorite flavor is Lemonade Iced Tea. I’ll sip on it post-workout at the beach, it’s refreshing!"

    Melanie Tillbrook-Megna
    Melanie Tillbrook-Megna Pro Fitness Model
  • "Cell-Tech has elevated my training to a new level. I use 2 scoops of the fruit punch flavor before and after my workout. This ensures that the glycogen in my muscles are always optimal for training and recovery."  

    Santi Aragon
    Santi Aragon IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
  • "Cell-Tech is my go to creatine formula when I'm trying to put on muscle size and gain strength. Cell-Tech's loaded  with amino's that help me expedite the recovery process and get me back in the gym to train harder than ever."

    Marc Megna
    Marc Megna Sports Performance Coach


Take 1 scoop of CELL-TECH with 6 oz. of water immediately following your workout. If you’re not training that day, have your serving in the morning when you wake up.

FOR BETTER RESULTS: Take 2 scoops of CELL-TECH with 12 oz. of water immediately following your workout. If you’re not training that day, take 2 scoops in the morning when you wake up.

FOR BEST RESULTS: For the first 7 days (loading stage): Take 2 scoops of CELL-TECH with 12 oz. of water in the morning when you wake up, and 2 scoops with 12 oz. of water immediately after your workout. If you’re not training that day, take 2 scoops with 12 oz. of water in the morning when you wake up, and 2 scoops with 12 oz. of water later in the day. Maintenance stage: Take 2 scoops of CELL-TECH with 12 oz. of water immediately following your workout. If you’re not training that day, take 2 scoops with 12 oz. of water in the morning when you wake up.

Supplement Facts


CELL-TECH Supp Facts Blackberry

Fruit Punch

CELL-TECH Supp Facts Fruit Punch


CELL-TECH Supp Facts Grape

Lemonade Iced Tea

CELL-TECH Supp Fact Lemonade Iced Tea


CELL-TECH Supp Facts Orange


CELL-TECH Supp Facts Watermelon

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