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Get In Shape Supplements for In-Season

When beach season is just around the corner, it’s time to get in shape and show off the muscle you worked so hard for in the off-season. The goal during these crucial weeks is to preserve your muscle as much as possible.

Here are 5 supplements you need to get in shape and keep your gains.


Dieting can put a lot of stress on the newly built muscle you just slapped on over the last 12 weeks or so. Reduced calories and shifting macronutrients away from carbs and more to protein often results in the potential for catabolism – not to mention reduced energy levels and reduced muscle stimulus due to decreased training loads.

With that in mind getting as much clean protein as possible becomes key and that’s where PLATINUM ISO-ZERO comes in. PLATINUM ISO-ZERO delivers an ultra-premium, ultra-clean formula that has zero fat, carbohydrates, sugar, or lactose. We’re able to deliver this much pure protein because it’s powered by only 97% pure whey protein isolate – the purest whey isolate that MuscleTech® has ever delivered. With 25g of protein in a 27g serving, you get the ultra-high protein % you need – without the extra calories that other protein powders deliver.

Platinum Iso-Zero


If you want the most hardcore and cutting-edge formula on the market today you need to try HYDROXYCUT SX-7 BLACK ONYX. This new, never-before-seen-formula contains 7 premium ingredients in a never-before-seen combination and is designed for extreme energy and mental focus.

Hydroxycut SX-7 black onyx


We touched on the benefits of CLEAR MUSCLE in our offseason stack. But when it’s time to diet and get shredded, CLEAR MUSCLE makes a strong case for being the MVP for your supplement stack again. The exclusive-to-MuscleTech BetaTOR™ is a unique, cutting-edge free acid derivative of HMB and metabolite of leucine. In other words, this isn’t your dad’s old school HMB. Remember back in the day when HMB was touted as the greatest supplement breakthrough since, well, ever? Well finally in 2015 BetaTOR™ from MuscleTech delivers on those promises. The key weakness with old-school HMB was absorption. Not enough of the calcium salt version of HMB got absorbed, which severely hindered the results you’d get from it. The free acid nature of CLEAR MUSCLE allows it to appear in the bloodstream quickly, and delivers a superior muscle absorption rate.

CLEAR MUSCLE works on the ubiquitin-proteosome-proteolytic pathway (UPPP), helping to shut down the activity of this pathway. Normally, when the UPPP is activated, your muscle is broken down (catabolism). While some muscle loss might be expected when cutting calories, you should do everything in your power to hold onto as much muscle as possible – that includes keeping your training as heavy and intense as possible – which ultimately could lead to catabolism. However, in one study, researchers looking at the acute effects of consuming BetaTOR™ on the mechanisms of muscle growth found that ingestion of a daily dose of BetaTOR™ all at one time increased anabolic activity (muscle protein synthesis) and decreased protein breakdown by +70% and -58% respectively! By fighting training-induced catabolism and cranking up protein synthesis. CLEAR MUSCLE should be your heavy hitter in your diet stack!

Superior Absorption
Clear Muscle


Bodybuilders have been touting the benefits of fish oil for quite some time now. More specifically the EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids.

PLATINUM FISH OIL 4X features an amazing 736mg of EPA and 380.8mg of DHA (along with other omega-3 fatty acids) in each easy-to-swallow soft gel.

Bodybuilders typically eat a lot of fish when prepping for a contest, and with its many benefits, it’s easy to see why. This makes PLATINUM FISH OIL 4X a key supplement in your in-season stack.

Platinum Fish Oil 4x


BCAAs have experienced a huge resurgence in the last decade, and for good reason. They’re crucial for helping reduce muscle breakdown. AMINO BUILD is not an ordinary BCAA powder that is cheap on aminos and heavy on flavor and artificial colors. Sure AMINO BUILD tastes great, but it also packs a serious musclebuilding punch. Here’s how:

AMINO BUILD contains a massive 8g of a 100% free-form 2:1:1 BCAA matrix (per 2 scoops) to help fuel skeletal muscles, preserve muscle glycogen stores and reduce protein breakdown. This include 4 grams of Leucine – an amount shown in a clinical study to help subjects increase their 5-rep max strength by over 40% in 12 weeks. This is key for keeping your strength at its max when you’re dieting.

In addition, it comes packed with a clinically studied 2.5-gram dose of Betaine. In one study, this dose of Betaine helped subjects significantly enhance their muscular endurance. Again this is key when you’re lagging during a workout because you’re calorie restricted.

Finally, for in-season cardio, AMINO Build also features a 1g dose of Taurine which has been clinically shown to improve performance in endurance athletes when consumed 2 hours prior to cardio.

All of this makes AMINO BUILD a key component to an in-season diet. Fill up a large bottle with a few scoops and sip on it throughout the day. The delicious flavor will help with your cravings for sweet foods and the powerful ingredients will ensure that when it’s time to hit the beach you look as good as possible.

Amino Build
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