Mohamed Naeem Salama

  • Location: Dubai, UAE


Hailing from Egypt, Mohamed developed a passion for bodybuilding when he was just 12 years old.  Knowing that fitness would be an important part of his life, he decided to compete at 16 years old in the 85kg category – winning 1st place in his city and 2nd place in the country.

Mohamed has since earned his Bachelors in Accounting and works as a flight safety crew member, all while keeping fitness a priority. He is a part-time fitness model, finding time to work out and compete during his busy schedule.

A prime example of a hardworking, modern-day fitness professional, Mohamed has one piece of advice: never underestimate what you may be capable of.


  • Mr. Dubai 2014, 2nd Runner Up
  • Best Beachwear Model, Dubai 2014
  • Men’s Fitness, UMFF Competition 2016, 1st place
  • Super Model, UMFF Competition 2016, 1st place
  • Fashion Physique, UMFF Competition 2016, 2nd place

Q&A WITH Mohamed

How has MuscleTech helped you reach your goals?
My friends used to tease me because I was smaller and weaker than them – I have come a long way since. Now that I’m a part of Team MuscleTech, I have even more confidence and motivation to succeed.

What is your favourite MuscleTech stack?
Clear Muscle, Platinum Fish Oil, Platinum BCAAs, Platinum Casein, #Shatter SX-7

What is your favourite exercise?
The deadlift and stiff-legged deadlift.