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Marian Babinsky

  • Location: Dubai, UAE


Born and raised in Slovakia, Marian has taken his passion for fitness to international heights! He started training at the age of 15 while playing for his high school basketball team and took up personal training in college after noticing everyone around him was asking for training and nutrition advice.

This led to an opportunity to become a personal trainer in Dubai, UAE, where Marian has been ever since! He has competed in numerous fitness competitions winning in multiple categories, all while maintaining big plans for his future.


  • Natural Mr. Olympia 2015, 1st place
  • Universal Muscle Fitness & Fashion (UMFF) 2016, 1st place

Q&A WITH Marian Babinsky

How has MuscleTech helped you reach your goals??
I look for a brand that is based on research always on the cutting-edge of the newest science. I love the quality and purity that MuscleTech products provide. Being on team MuscleTech has given me the confidence to not only find my limits, but go beyond them!

Do you have any advice?
Prioritize. Focus your effort and energy on what you really want – not just in bodybuilding, but in all aspects of your life. You can’t be the best at everything, but you can be the best in something.

What is your favourite MuscleTech stack?
Platinum Iso-Whey, Clear Muscle, Plasma Muscle, Platinum BCAAs, #Shatter SX-7

What is your favourite exercise?
Incline press. I love its ability to build muscle mass and fullness for the chest.

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