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Ellie Hargreaves

  • Location: Preston, United Kingdom


I was born and raised in England until I was 14, where my main interest was horse riding and netball. We later immigrated to New Zealand, and that’s where I found my love for the gym. I was training regularly and felt I had found something that I was truly passionate about. The changes in my physique made me feel a lot healthier and I was also more confident about myself. I carried on training when I moved to Sweden, and with the help of friends in the gym, started pushing myself more and more. This is where I found out about the competing scene and knew this was the direction I wanted to head towards.

I moved back to the UK in 2013 to start my BSc in Sports Therapy, and that is also when I came in touch with my trainer IFBB pro Nikki Robinson, who has inspired me to push further than I thought I was capable of and helped my take to the UKBFF stage in early 2014.

I am now completing a certificate to become a personal trainer in order to help others attain their goals within the industry. I am also now training for the British finals and hope to achieve a good enough placing to allow me to compete internationally next year. I am a very motivated person and like to achieve a high standard in everything I do, and I find that the fitness industry brings out the best in me.



How has MuscleTech® helped you reach your goal?
I feel like MuscleTech® has helped me achieve my goals by providing such amazing, quality supplements that really help aid recovery and also enable you to progress further within the industry. They are also incredibly supportive of their athletes, which only encourages me push harder in my workouts, therefore achieving better results.

What is your favorite MuscleTech® supplement and why?
I love BCAAs so it has to be AMINO BUILD.

Favorite MuscleTech® stack and why?

What is your favorite exercise?
Superset good mornings with squats.

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